Regular Town Board Meeting of


April 29, 2014


Present: Dave Johnson, Chair – Greg Scherzer, Supervisor – Ardell Johnson, Supervisor – Dick Toomey, Treasurer – Barb Von Hagen, Clerk


1.       Meeting was called to order by Chair Dave Johnson at 7:06pm.


2.       This continues the meeting of April 8 to discuss road graveling.

A.        Ardell talked to Dan Suave who said that they are not doing the south end townships until next year.

B.        The board discussed pros and cons of graveling all 8.5 miles. 

C.       A Motion to gravel all 8.5 miles this year was made by David Johnson and seconded by Greg Scherzer.  La Prairie Township will be contacted with their portion of shared graveling.  Carried 3-0.

D.       David discussed hiring Voight at $9.40 CY for 300 CY per mile.  Greg Made motion to accept Voight as per contract letter.  Dave seconded.  Carried 3-0.  A Long Lost Lake contract letter will be sent to Voight.


3.       New Business.

A.       There was discussion concerning removal of downed trees on and beside the roads.  Ardell will contact Mark Bellfy to see if they are interested in doing the work.  Ardell will put an ad in Bagley paper for removal of wood in ditches if Belify isn’t interested.


4.       Proposed agenda for June Meeting.

A.        Get report on Voight for gravel work and watch for current certificate of insurance.

B.       Follow up on dead tree clean up.

C.       Should snow fence be set up on north end of lake?  Clear permission with Cox’s.

D.       The June 10 meeting is at Ardell’s.

E.        Big Hill damage and possible use of Calcium Chloride to prevent washboarding.

F.        This meeting was adjourned at 8:20.  David motioned to accept and Greg seconded.  Accepted 3-0.


______________________   Board Chair

______________________   Clerk