Regular Town Board Meeting of


March 19th, 2008


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Ardell Johnson, Supervisor, -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer -- Marv Mortenson, Clerk                  Absent:  Greg Scherzer, Supervisor

1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:00 PM.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for:

                New Business:                  County Sign Project

                Old Business:                Spraying of town road right of way

                                                Removal of blow down trees in town road right of way

Motion to approve the agenda made by D. Johnson, second A. Johnson – passed 2-0


3.  Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes; approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as

                written.     Motion by A. Johnson, second by D. Johnson – passed 2 -0


4. Treasurer report:               

                -- Cash Balance of                 $17,026.28

                -- Invested Balance of                 $47,168.09

                -- Total Balance of                 $64,194.37

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson – passed 2-0


5. Claims for payment:

                     $41.00                                 Dick Toomey, Treasurer                                Postage

                     $38.70                                Marv Mortenson, Clerk                 Copy Cost for Annual Meeting

                    $  9.20                 Farmers Independent                         Notice of Annual Meeting

                   $161.25                                Clearwater Co. Hwy. Dept.                Snow removal

                (Wait on approval of payment until after Fire Contract is discussed under New Business.)

                $2,362.50                                Elbow Lake Fire Dept.                     Yearly Contract

Motion to approve payment of bills by A. Johnson, second by D. Johnson – passed 2-0


6. Old Business:

A. County Gravel Bid:  LLL Township gravel was bid along with the county’s gravel.  The winning bid went to W. Scepaniak, Inc.  The low bid is for $4.97 a ton.  LLL town requested 3,532 tons or 2,523 yards of gravel.  The cost for gravel should be $17,554.  Clearwater Co. highway dept. will coordinate with the contractor for the spreading and leveling of the gravel.  They will also have an inspector on site to verify that the correct amount of gravel is delivered.  There will be a charge to LLL town for the inspector’s time. 


B. Cox Petition:

                New Information: 

o        Received confirmation on our request to use Itasca Town Hall for hearing.

o        Received copy of letters from Mr. Cox’s attorney to the DNR

o         D. Johnson will see to it that notice of meeting is placed in Farmers Independent Paper (see attached notice)

o        D. Johnson prepared a letter to be sent to Dan Hecht of the county Environmental Services, notifying him of the hearing and invitation to attend.  (see attached letter)


C.  County Variance Committee and Klande’s petition:

The parties asking for the variance did not follow up with the documentation requested. Therefore, this issue has been removed from any further action by the county Planning Advisory Commission.


D.  Spraying of Road Right-of-way:  A. Johnson will schedule contractor for spraying of the road right of way for brush and spotted nap weed.


E.  Blow down trees in Right-of-way: A. Johnson will schedule with a contractor for removal of trees in the road right of way.




7.  New Business

A.  Fire contract:  After discussion and review of the fire contract with the Elbow Lake Fire Department, D. Johnson made a motion to approve the contract.  Second by A. Johnson --  passed 2-0


B. Request by Sam Kerr for 4-H donation:  After discussion and review of legal information available; the following motion was made.  LLL board will not make a contribution as it is against the board’s policy to do so, D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson -- passed 2-0


C. Other:

o        Letter from the Bagley Library asking for a donation

o        Sign and return Road Maintenance agreement to county highway dept.

o        Ardell Johnson will attend the Spring Short Course

o        County Sign project by Clearwater County.  The county has put out a bid for the building of a sign in front of the court house.  There is a picture diagram of what the sign should look like but no specs on how it should be built.



8.  Motion to adjourn by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson, passed 2-0   Adjourned at 8:55 PM


_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor