March 17, 2009



Citizens present:  Babe Mortenson, Marv Mortenson, Ruth Johnson, Ardell Johnson, Loren Bergerson, Becky Bergerson, Greg Scherzer, David Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Richard Toomey


1. Meeting called to order by M. Mortenson, clerk (7:00 PM)  Each citizen was provided with a packet containing the meeting agenda, 2008 minutes, 2008 year end financial report and proposed budget for 2010.

                Board Members were introduced

                Reviewed the purpose of the meeting and gave an overview of the handout


2.  Moderator:  Nominations called for; Loren Bergerson nominated Beckey Bergerson. No other nominations voiced; Babe Mortenson moved nominations closed.  Beckey Bergerson’s nomination confirmed by voice vote.  Moderator Bergerson was given a few minutes to read and review the agenda and the citizens were asked to read the meeting minutes from last year.


3.  Addition to Agenda:  Under number 11 – “Donations requested” the following were added:

                Clearwater County Family Crisis Center

                Bagley Youth Hockey Association

                D.A.R.E. Program = Bagley Police Department

                Clearwater County Food Shelf

                Clearwater Library Foundation

                Northern Valley Honor Flight

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Dave Johnson, second by Nancy Johnson, confirmed by voice vote.


4.  Minutes: Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of last year’s meeting as written, made by David Johnson, second by Greg Scherzer, confirmed by voice vote.


5. Treasurer’s report.  A motion to have a synopsis report of the LLL Township finances by the Clerk rather then a detailed reading of every line item, made by Nancy Johnson, second by Babe Mortenson, confirmed by voice vote.  Marv Mortenson, Clerk, gave a summary of the financial year as written in the packet of information.  A motion to approve the report made by Nancy Johnson, second by Babe Mortenson, confirmed by voice vote.


6.  Road Report by Ardell Johnson. 

                Mr. Johnson reviewed the projects that were completed in 2008 and what projects are being considered for completion in 2009. There were no questions or comments on any of the projects listed on the agenda and below.

        - Projects completed in 2008

                        ..Graveled all township roads

                                ..Spraying road right of ways for brush and spotted knap weed

                                                ..Curve markers on McKenzie Road


                  - Possible projects for 2009

..Ardell Johnson reviewed the long-range road maintenance projects that were on page 5 of the blue pages. Spot graveling, if needed, and spot spraying for spotted knap weed.


7.  Weed control report by Greg Scherzer. Mr. Scherzer did not file any complaints with the town board or the county during the year 2008. Citizens were reminded by Mr. Scherzer to report to him of any noxious weed problems and to be diligent with weed control on their own property.


8.  The official newspaper is the Farmers Independent of Bagley.  The place of posting is on Seaberg Road.  David Johnson, Town Board Chair, posts the monthly board minutes and notices of meetings on 


9.  Dick Toomey reviewed the budget for 2009 as written in the packet.  There were no questions or concerns from the citizens.


10.  Dick Toomey reviewed how the Tax Levy and Township Road Gas Tax are determined. The taxable valuation for LLL Township in 2009 is $13,827,000.00.  After questions were answered and some discussion, Babe Mortenson made a motion to set the levy for 2010 at $6,400.00, second by Loren Bergerson, confirmed by voice vote.


11.  Donation request from Clearwater County Historical Society and those requests added to the agenda. (See idem 3 above).  The points of the discussion indicated that even though these are all good causes, the board should not give away tax payer dollars to fund raising groups. Citizens of the township may make private donations to any of these groups and receive the tax write-off benefit.

A motion to instructing the town board to never give money to fund raising request, was made by Loren Bergerson, second by Nancy Johnson, confirmed by voice vote.


12.  The town board requested that the starting time of next year’s annual meeting be a flexible starting time rather than an exact time.  If the board anticipated a need to rent a facility to hold the annual meeting, having a flexible starting time would be helpful.

Next year’s Annual Meeting was set to start no earlier than 4:00 PM and no later than 8:00 PM. Motion by Becky Bergerson, second by Ruth Johnson, confirmed by voice vote.

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010.  

                Place to be determined by the LLL Town Board


13.  Other: 

-  the town board is working with the local snowmobile clubs and the DNR to remove Chimney RD and McKenzie RD (that part which is township road) from the snowmobile trail system.


- Thanks to Mort and Babe for hosting the 2009 Annual Meeting


- Thanks to the Township Board for all their work and effort.


14.  Motion to adjourn by Babe Mortenson, second by Beckey Bergerson, confirmed by voice vote.

                Adjourned at 7:55 PM



______________________________  Marv Mortenson, Clerk