Regular Town Board Meeting of


October 14th, 2008


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Greg Scherzer, Supervisor, Ardell Johnson, Supervisor -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer – Marv Mortenson, Clerk                 


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:00 PM.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for:

                Motion to approve the agenda made by D. Johnson, second G. Scherzer – passed 3-0.


3.  Dispense with the reading of the minutes; approved the minutes of the last regular meeting as

written.    Motion by A. Johnson, second by D. Johnson passed 3 -0.


4. Treasurer report:               

                -- Cash Balance of                 $22,781.28

                -- Invested Balance of                 $48,060.24

                -- Total Balance of                 $70,841.52

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by G. Scherzer, second by D. Johnson– passed 3-0.


5. Claims for payment:

                   $20,212.98                              Clearwater Co. Hwy. Dept.                Gravel & Blading

                        $862.00                   Minn Assoc. of Townships                Insurance

                     $1,615.94                                Triangle Ag                                          Spraying of roads

                 Motion to approve payment of bills by Greg Scherzer, second by A. Johnson – passed 3-0.


6. Old Business:

A.  Long Range Road Plan: Dave Johnson presented an updated format for planning ahead on road issues.  All agreed that this will be a helpful tool in tracking and planning road projects.  (See attached copy)


B.  County will install markers at the curve north of David Johnson’s mailbox.  Ditch recovery will need more discussion and a decision will be made in the spring.


C.  Spraying was completed on Sept. 15th


D.  The 2009 meeting schedule was discussed and will be acted on at the December meeting. Seven board meetings, the town annual meeting and four county township meetings are proposed.


7.  New Business:


A.  The fall township road mileage certification was signed



Motion to adjourn was made my G. Scherzer, second D. Johnson,  passed 3-0; time 8:30 p.m.



_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor