Town Board Meeting of


January 14th, 2014


Present: Dave Johnson, Chair – Greg Scherzer, Supervisor – Ardell Johnson, Supervisor – Dick Toomey, Treasurer – Barb Von Hagen, Clerk


1.        Meeting was called to order by Chair Dave Johnson at 7:02 pm.

2.        Additions to the agenda were called for:  No additions.  Motion to approve the agenda by Greg Scherzer, seconded by Ardell Johnson. Passed 3-0.

3.        Reading of Minutes.

A Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as written made by Greg Scherzer, seconded by David Johnson.  Passed 3-0.


4.        Treasurer Report: (See details on attached reports.)

--Cash Balance of                                $18812.51

--Investments of                                $28301.62


                                Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report made by David Johnson, seconded by G. Scherzer.  Passed 3-0.

5.        Claims for payment:

--Voight for $430.00 to spot gravel McKenzie.  Passed 3-0.


6.        Reorganizing the Board for 2014.

Motion by Greg Scherzer to keep the supervisor assignments the same as in 2013, second by Ardell Johnson. Passed 3-0

Chair                                                Dave Johnson

Vice Chair & Weeds                                Greg Scherzer

Roads                                                Ardell Johnson               

7.        Old Business:

A.       Budget Review will be discussed at Audit Meeting.  Both the financial report and budget will be voted on next meeting.

B.       Prepare for Board of Audit. Dave Johnson, Dick Toomey and Barb Von Hagen will prepare the Board of Audit materials on January 20th.

C.        Plan for annual meeting which will be March 11th at Mortenson’s..

D.       Plan a road trip with LaPrairie Twp.  This is the annual spring Road Tour that we want to do a joint Road Tour with LaPrairie township.l

E.        Ardell Johnson will be getting quotes for work to be done July ,August and September.


8.        New Business:

A.       Clearwater Co. Twp Assn will meet at Bagley Sr Center on January 28th .

B.       A letter was received from Engles Brushing asking to change business name to Bellefy Brushing.

C.        Big Hill will be sanded as needed.  Barb will call Greg when necessary.


9.        Next Board Meeting: February 11th, 2014

A.       Board of Audit

B.       Approve budget.

C.        Approve Financial Report.

D.       Final preparations for annual meeting.

E.        Approve letter to contractor.

F.        Report on County Meeting.


10.     Adjournment:

Motion by Ardell Johnson, second by Greg Scherzer. Passed 3-0

8:40 PM


______________________   Board Chair

______________________   Clerk