Long Lost Lake Township Meeting

7:00 PM, April 14, 2015, Greg Scherzer Residence


Present: Chair David Johnson, Supervisors Greg Scherzer and Ardell Johnson, Treasurer Dick Toomey, Clerk Laurie Wilson


1.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.  Chair Johnson moved to accept the agenda.  It was seconded by Greg and passed 3-0.

3.  Chair Johnson moved to suspend the reading of the February Minutes and accept as printed.  Seconded by Greg, passed 3-0.

4 Treasurer Toomey provided printed reports of balances, revenue, disbursements and investments to the Board for a total of $52,026.14 in township assets (see attached reports for details). Greg moved to accept the report, Ardell seconded, passed 3-0.

5.  Treasurer Toomey presented claims for payment in the amount of $2, 845.17.  Chair David moved to approve the claims, Ardell seconded, passed 3-0.  Claims included: $346.50 to Lasting Landscape, $125.00 to Clearwater Cty., $2202.00 to Elbow-Tulaby Lake Fire Dept., $100.00 to MAT Short Course Registrations for Clerk and Chair, $28.99 to reimbursement to Clerk, and $42.68 mileage reimbursement for Chair.

6. Old Business:

            a. Members reviewed the March Annual Meeting.  Chair David moved to approve the March Annual Meeting Minutes as presented.  Greg seconded, passed 3-0.

            b. Resolution 2015-001 with LaPrairie to formalize a road maintenance schedule as discussed in March was approved as read, and Greg moved to execute the resolution as written.  Ardell seconded the motion, passed 3-0.  Wilson will mail the signed and notarized documents to the LaPrairie Clerk for action at their next meeting. One copy will be retained by LaPrairie and one will be returned to LLL Twp and retained in our files.

            c. Chair David moved to retroactively approve the claim for payment from the Tulaby Lake Fire Department.  Greg seconded and the motion passed 3-0.  Chair David noted that he had written to the Fire Department and requested earlier notification of the claim in the future to allow for timely processing of the claim.  LLL Twp contract expired 3-31, and the new contract came into effect 4-1, but the claim arrived after the Annual Meeting and before the scheduled 4-14 scheduled meeting.

            d. It was moved by Greg and seconded by Ardell and passed 3-0, to amend the present practice of two signatures on each check (clerk and treasurer) to include the chair.  This action is taken in response to recommendations from the March 30 MAT Training to align our practice with state statute 367.18.  Arrangements will be made ASAP at Riverwood Bank for a new signature card, and in the interim before new checks are printed, the chair will sign in the open space provided.

7.  New Business:

            a. Chair David provided a summary from the March 30 MAT Training.  Highlights:  a majority of citizens at an annual meeting can request an audit by petition going back six years, twp officers should be pre-approved to attend trainings, no pre-signed checks should be issued, there should be no cash withdrawals on twp funds, no one on a twp board should purchase or have twp property sold to them under any circumstances, nor should spouses accept or purchase any twp property, in conflict of interest situations where payments are made, provide a statement of what work was to be done and the fair market price for such work along with the payment, a mileage log is recommended for twp officers, Workers’ Comp is required for election judges and obtained by MAT-request in January, maximum tort liability for twps is 1.5 million in liability-certificates of insurance MUST be in hand at the time of signing a contract and the twp must be named,independent contractors must have their own coverage, roadwork on shared roads must have both twps named, volunteers are covered by MATIT insurance, must send in year end report to State Auditor to receive Town Aid funds.

            b.  Short courses are coming up in June.  David moved to approve attendance at short courses by any board member.  Greg seconded, passed 3-0.  Attendees must pre-register.

            c.  Shared road inspections with LaPrairie should be scheduled after the first blading this spring. Culverts also need to be checked and Ardell will do so and make a recommendation regarding needs.  David will get in touch with Ardell, Greg and LaPrairie to set a road tour date with at least one week’s notice. Road signs will be checked at the same time. Wilson should check the files for the road sign spreadsheet. Spraying needs can be determined in June. No special projects are currently expected for 2015.

            d.  Letters requesting donations were reviewed.  It is a LLL Twp. policy not to make any donations.

            e.  Ardell will investigate the options for a McKenzie traffic counter.  Placement for one week around July 4th is suggested with counters at Big Hill entry, Chimney entry and near McKenzie mailboxes.

            f.  It was noted that there are downed trees on McKenzie and Big Hill as a result of logging work. Ardell will drive the road and make a determination about what is needed. We do not have a contractor identified for emergency tree/debris removal at this time with all needed documents in place.  It is not known how the recent fire at Bellefy has affected their road maintenance services.

            g.  Chair David offered a motion of adjournment at 9:11.  Greg seconded, passed 3-0.


Next meeting, June 9, 7:00 PM, Ardell and Ruth Johnson residence.