Minutes for the Regular Township Board Meeting of Long Lost Lake Township

7:00 PM, David and Nancy Johnson Residence

October 13, 2015


1.††††††††††† Call to Order

Chair David Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.All township board members were present.


2. †††††††††† Review of the agenda

D. Johnson moved to approve the agenda as presented. A. Johnson seconded the motion and it passed 3-0.


3.††††††††††††††† Reading and approval of the Minutes of the August 11, 2015 meeting

G. Scherzer moved to approve the Minutes of the August 11, 2015 meeting as presented.A. Johnson seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0.


4.††††††††††††††† Reading and approval of the Treasurerís Report

Treasurer Toomey reported that the LLL Township has $26, 887.43 in cash, and $28,414.52 in CD investments for a total of $55,301.95.G. Scherzer moved to approve the report, D. Johnson seconded, and the motion to approve was passed 3-0.


5.††††††††††† Claims for payment:Treasurer Toomey presented three claims for payment totaling $2500 including: Bellefy Brushing for $700.00, Clearwater County Highway Dept for $1025.00, and MATIT for $775.00.D. Johnson moved to approve payment of the claims, A. Johnson seconded and the motion passed 3-0


6.††††††††††† Citizen Comments

††††††††††††††† None present


7.††††††††††† Old Business

a.††††††††††††††† check signatory compliance update:Initial signatory forms were returned to Riverwood Bank at which time additional forms requiring Xerox copies of the driversí licenses of the five signatories were mailed to the Board. Board members felt that this request represented excessive disclosure of personal information w/o adequate assurances of how this private information would be protected.Chair Johnson will meet and review the request with Riverwood Bank personnel.

b.††††††††††††††† fall spraying:Fall spraying did not take place due to the request having been set aside and forgotten by Roy Abrahamson.Subsequent follow-up was accomplished after the desirable window of opportunity for fall spraying.The twp will make a new attempt at timely spraying in the spring with discussion to be held at the regular meeting in April.G. Scherzer will contact Clearbrook Ag to determine if they still do this work.††

c.††††††††††††††† fall road maintenance:At the time of the October meeting it was determined that no additional gravel or maintenance was needed on the roadways.

d.††††††††††††††† certifying the 2016 levy:G. Scherzer moved to certify the 2016 levy at $4,000.D. Johnson provided the second.Motion passed 3-0.Treasurer Toomey reported that this levy amount insures that the township will receive its full share of the gas tax funds.


8.††††††††††† New Business


a.††††††††††††††† Report on completed dead, dying, leaning tree survey and discussion of action needed:Removal of the dead, dying and leaning trees on the twp roadway survey will be bid as an entire job and reviewed at the December 7 meeting.Trees should be downed in such a manner that they are no longer in the ROW.†† Identified trees will be spray painted orange for clarification and Chair D. Johnson will compose a notification regarding dangerous tree removal to residents which will be disseminated via the LLL Association distribution list twice.Residents must notify the township if there is opposition to removal.Short term road closure signage or caution cones will likely be needed.Action on quotes for removal received by December 7, 2015 is expected.

b.††††††††††††††† sanding of Big Hill:G. Scherzer is prepared to continue with sanding of Big Hill as needed in the coming winter.D. Johnson moved to approve this action, A. Johnson seconded and G. Scherzer abstained from this vote.

c.††††††††††††††† snow fence placement discussion:Snow fencing on the north end of the lake will again be placed when conditions are right.Fencing reduces drifting onto the roadway and improves safety on Big Hill.

d.††††††††††††††† end of year business discussion for December 7, 2015 meeting.The following topics will be included in the December meeting:Treasurer Toomey is to prepare a preliminary budget and any known bills or pending expenses should be presented well in advance of that meeting.Clerk Wilson is to prepare a preliminary 2016 meeting schedule for review and assignment of meeting locations. Meetings will again be prioritized for the second Tuesday of the month.Board members are to review their calendars for conflicts.


9.††††††††††††††† Adjournment

††††††††††††††† Chair David moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:17.G. Scherzer seconded.Passed 3-0.


Next meeting, Monday, December 7th, 7:00 PM, David and Nancy Johnson residence