Regular Town Board Meeting of


October 13th, 2010


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Ardell Johnson, Supervisor -- Marv Mortenson, Clerk – Nancy Johnson, Deputy Treasurer.

Greg Scherzer, Supervisor, arrived at 7:13 PM

Absent: -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor David Johnson at 7:03 PM.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for: No additions, agenda approved.  Motion by D. Johnson, Second A. Johnson – passed 2-0


3.  Reading of the Minutes

Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as written. Motion by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson – passed 2-0


4. Treasurer report:             

                -- Cash Balance of              $   9,710.60

                -- Invested Balance of        $44,011.62

                -- Total Balance of              $53,722.22

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by A. Johnson, second by Scherzer – passed 3-0


5. Claims for payment:


-- $   550.00    Clearwater County Highway Dept

-- $2,025.00    Shegrud Back hoe

                -- $     83.35    Farmers Publishing

Motion to approve payment of claims with the Shegrud Backhoe payment being held until after Ardell Johnson has visited with Mitch Shegrud and receives more detail on the billing hours, by Scherzer, second by A. Johnson – passed 3-0. -  Note: more information is needed for the purpose of billing LaPrairie Township for their portion of the work.


6. Old Business:


A.       Summer Road Projects as reported by Ardell Johnson.   There was much discussion on the completeness of the projects by Shegrud Backhoe.  It was the general feeling that the rocks removed from the road bed were not moved far enough away from the road edge in some areas.  Other debris such as logs where not been  moved at all.  And the question was raised as to the completeness of the gravel recovery experiment on the “Big Hill”.  Ardell Johnson will discuss these issues with Mitch Shegrud. 

Ardell Johnson reports that Shegrud will sand “Big Hill” when requested for $75.00 per sanding.  David Johnson will write up a contract.

Supervisor Ardell Johnson will be the contact person with Shegrud Backhoe for the purpose of sanding.  He will field the phone calls, check to see if sanding is needed, authorize sanding and follow up on completion.


B.       Greg Scherzer brought up the question of how aggressive he should be in weed control.  It is noted that it appears that the county, being the biggest land owner is also has the biggest weed control problem in the township. The general feeling is for the township to keep gentle pressure on land owners and continue to keep the township roads clean of weeds.


C.       The Records Retention System will be reviewed by the Supervisors and a decision will be made at the next board meeting.


7.   New Business:

A.   A draft of the 2011 board calendar was distributed. The supervisors will review these dates and finalize the calendar at the next board meeting.


B.  Board of Canvass Date was set for Wednesday, November 10th at 1:00 PM at the David Johnson residence.


8.  NEXT BOARD MEETING: December 14th, Agenda Items:

A.  Approval of Township Meeting Calendar for 2011

B.  Election Cost



 9.   Motion to adjourn by Scherzer, second by A. Johnson, passed 3-0   Adjourned at 8:50 PM


_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor