March 13, 2012



Citizens present: Ann Rich, Penny Kemmer, Lowell Liebenow, Bob VonHagen, Ron Crabtree, Babe Mortenson, Marv Mortenson, Ardell Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Greg Scherzer, David Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Kathy Toomey, and Richard Toomey


1. Meeting called to order by M. Mortenson, clerk (7:01 PM)  Each citizen was provided with a packet containing the meeting agenda, 2011 minutes, 2011 year-end financial report and proposed budget for 2013.


2. Nomination for moderator was called for, Dave Johnson nominated Babe Mortenson.  Babe Mortenson nominated Nancy Johnson.  Motion was made by Lowell Liebenow to close nominations, second by G. Scherzer. Nancy Johnson was elected to be the moderator by a show of hands.


3. Addition to the agenda.  David Johnson requested that we add the topic of MACE to the agenda.  Dick Toomey made a motion to approve the agenda, second by Ruth Johnson.

Motion carried by show of hands


4. Citizens were given a few minutes to read and review the minutes. Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of last year’s meeting as written, was made by Ann Rich, second by Greg Scherzer.  Motion carried by show of hands.


5. Financial report.  Marv Mortenson, Clerk, gave a summary of the financial year as written in the packet of information.  A motion to approve the report was made by Babe Mortenson, second by Ron Crabtree.  Motion carried by show of hands.


6.   Ardell Johnson reviewed road work and maintenance completed in 2011.  He also mentioned work that was to be done in 2012.


                        1.   Graveling of all township roads.

                        2.   Spot graveling of shared portion of McKenzie Rd.

                        3.   Ditch work on Seaberg Lane



1. Ditch work on McKenzie Rd and Peninsula Rd intersection.

                                2. Culvert across Seaberg Rd close to Clay’s driveway

                                3. Spraying of Knapp Weed and Brush


Ardell Johnson explained that the town board had sent a letter to contractors requesting a quote as to the cost of doing this project.  Once the board has a firm grasp of the costs of this project the board will make a decision on the feasibility of this project.


Greg Scherzer explained the concerns with noxious weed control. He told the citizens he wants all complaints about weeds to be in writing. The report needs to identify the area, the weeds of concern and the land owner. He further explained the spraying that would be done on the road right of ways this summer.

Penny Kemmer expressed concerns for the “Lady Slipper” flowers along the road right-of-way.  G. Scherzer said he would notify people a day or two before spaying so those areas could be protected.


7.  Elections:  Marv Mortenson noted the board positions that are open this election and encouraged residents to file for candidacy.  The positions are 2 supervisors and clerk.

David Johnson explained how we have been working with the county to change our voting from the precinct to a mailed ballot because of cost to the township.  That change was approved and mail in ballots will be the method of voting.


8.  Review of the Budget for 2013:  Dick Toomey, Treasurer reviewed the budget for 2013.  There were no questions.


9. Levy for 2013:  Dick Toomey, Treasurer explained the sources of revenue. The taxable value of the township is $13,873,300.00 we need to levy $48.35 per $100,000.00 to qualify for the gas tax funds.  At that rate the township would need to set the levy at $6707.00. 

Babe Mortenson made the motion to set the levy for 2013 at $7000.00.  The motion had a second by Lowell Liebenow and passed unanimously by a show of hands.


10.   2013 Annual Meeting will be held on March 12th, 2013 as directed by the State of Minnesota.  The time will be 7:00 PM as set by the citizens in attendance tonight.  The place of the annual meeting will be determined by the board.


11. General Discussion.   It was nice to have a good representation of citizens at the annual meeting.  David Johnson explained what a “MACE” is and displayed the LONG LOST LAKE plaque.  The “MACE” is a beautiful wooden plaque made by Linda Knutson of Zerkel and gifted to us by her at the time we became a township.

Ron Crabtree asked about the completion of work on the public access to the lake.  Dick Toomey explained the work that was completed and stated that signage of the parking area and turn around area was all that needed to be completed.

Ann Rich asked about the Elbow Lake Fire Departments rating.  Nobody in attendance knew the answer.  Marv Mortenson said he would call the Fire Department and post the answer in the next Lake Association News Letter.


12.   Penny Kemmer made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:52 pm. This was seconded by Ruth Johnson. Motion carried.


Thanks were given to Ruth and Ardell Johnson for hosting the meeting and providing the treats/coffee.


___________________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


___________________________________ Dave Johnson, Chairman