March 13, 2007



Citizens present:  Ardell Johnson, Roger Houglum, Jon Jennings, David Johnson, Becky Bergerson, Loren Bergerson, “Babe” Mortenson, Marv Mortenson, Dick Toomey, Greg Scherzer, Bob Silkett


1. Meeting called to order by M. Mortenson, clerk (7:10 PM)  Each citizen was provided with a packet containing, the agenda, 2006 minutes, 2006 year end financial report and proposed budget for 2008.


2.  Steve Voss, Fire Chief of the Elbow – Tulaby Fire Dept. addressed the town citizens answering questions of cost, staffing, and response time.   When an emergency is called, the 911 call is received in Bagley, and the call information forwarded to the fire chief at Elbow Lake.  A map of the address location is faxed from Bagley to Detroit Lakes and then faxed to the Elbow Lake Fire Dept..

                The old method of using fire numbers to locate a residence is no longer in use.  Citizens are encouraged to remove the fire number.


3. Ardell Johnson was selected as Moderator


4. Additions to the agenda:  David Johnson – “Township Government Square One”.    Marv Mortenson- Steve Voss, Fire Chief, of the Elbow – Tulaby Fire Dept.


5. Minutes:  The citizens were given time to read the minutes of the 2006 meeting.  One change was noted.  Dick Toomey was listed as a Supervisor and should have read Treasure in last year’s minutes.  Dave Johnson made the motion to accept the minutes, second by Greg Scherzer and passed unanimously.


6. Treasurers report.  Synopsis report given by M. Mortenson, Clerk.  The citizens were given time to read the report. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Babe Mortenson, second by Becky Bergerson and passed unanimously.


5.  Road Report by Jon Jennings. 

                Projects completed in 2006:  Beaver pond leveler was installed, speed advisory signs posted, road ditches brushed.

                Projects for 2007: Cleaning and reestablishing the ditches on the steep hill at the north end of the lake on Big Hill Road.  After explanation and discussion a motion to do this project was made by Babe Mortenson, second by Becky Bergerson and unanimously passed.  The second project on Seaberg road was discussed.  This project involves ditching and installing a culvert to divert the water to the other side of the road.  The water presently builds up and runs across Ardell Johnson’s property and drive.   Mr. Silkett was concerned about trees that may need to be removed.  Motion to go ahead with this project was made by Babe Mortenson, second by Becky Bergerson and passed unanimously.

                The cost and the selection of a contractor were discussed.  The Town Board will select the contractor for each project.

                Projects for 2008:  Jon Jennings explained the need to plan for some gravel to be spread on the town roads every three years.  How much can not be predicted and would depend on weather conditions and traffic during that time frame.


6.  Weed control report.  Problems with weed infestation should be reported to Greg Scherzer.  Spotted nap weed was discussed as was the need to spray ditches for brush control.


7.  The official newspaper is the Farmers Independent of Bagley.  A place of posting will be on the Seaberg Road.  A bulletin board will constructed and installed this summer.


8.  Dick Toomey reviewed the budget for 2008. 


9.  Dick Toomey explained the rational behind the proposed township levy.  After some discussion, Babe Mortenson made a motion to approve the levy of $6,000 for 2008, second by Becky Bergerson, the motion passed.


10.  Next years Annual Meeting was set for 7:00 PM on March 11th, 2008.   It will be hosted by Dick and Kathy Toomey


11.  Other:  The Minnesota Association of Townships has made an informational DVD. Two of LLL township supervisors are part of the presentation.  People who may wish to see this may check it out from the LLL clerk.  


12.  Motion to adjourn by Babe Mortenson, second by Becky Bergerson - Passed