Town Board Meeting of


August 13, 2013


Present: Dave Johnson, Supervisor--Ardell Johnson, Supervisor--Greg Scherzer, SupervisoróNancy Johnson, Deputy Treasurer--Becky Bergerson, Deputy Clerk

AbsentóMarv Mortenson, Clerk and Dick Toomey, Treasurer


  1. Supervisor Dave Johnson called meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


  1. Additions for the agenda were called for: under Old Business- Big Hill Winter and Washboard Conditions Ė David Johnson and under New Business - Unauthorized Approach added to Seaberg Road - David Johnson. Motion to accept the agenda made by D. Johnson, second by G. Scherzer, passed 3-0


  1. Reading of the Minutes

A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as written made by Greg Scherzer, second by D. Johnson, passed 3-0.


  1. Treasurerís Report (See details on attached reports)

            Cash Balance of      $25.725.36

            Investments of          28,228.64


            Motion to approve the treasurerís report made by G. Scherzer, second by D. Johnson, passed 3-0.


  1. Claims for Payment

             $   550.00 Clearwater Cty Highway Dept grading 6-4-213

             $1,409.43 Clearwater Cty Highway Dept grading, 525.00 and Cox culvert $884.43 7-9-2013

             $     30.51 David Johnson Roundtrip mileage to Bagley for meeting with the DNR 5-31-2013


             Motion to approve claims for payment made by G Scherzer, second by D. Johnson, passed 3-0


  1. Old Business
    1. Traffic Sign Replacement update

ITS was contacted and the board was told they did not have the time to do the job.

Quote from the county: Stop sign $40.00 (4 needed), Warning sign $30.00 (3 needed), Post $15.93 (8 needed) Labor $123.00 per hour. After a brief discussion is was decided to go ahead and contract with the county as going with either had been approved at the last meeting.

    1. Seaberg Road brushing and turnaround

Overhanging branches on Seaberg Road are complicating grading and snow removal. It is recommended they be removed to a height of 14 feet for clearance. Lucky Ingalls had done previous brushing for the township but health problems have made him unable to continue. Lyle Lewis has taken over for him and was willing to take on the job. He quoted a rate of $95.00 and hour and an estimate of $1500 total. Dave Johnson and Ardell Johnson will meet with him tomorrow. It was pointed out that it might be cost effective to go even higher as branches will sag as they mature. It was felt the turnaround would solve itself if the brushing were done. . A motion was made to contract with Lyle Lewis to cut tree limbs to height of 17 feet, throw limbs back into the woods and remove overhanging trees on two miles of Seaberg Lane in Sept for $1500 dollars by G. Scherzer, second by D. Johnson, passed 3-0.

The need by the township to establish a policy on emergency actions such as tree removal from township roads was discussed. No action was taken

                      C.   Mowing of road edge

County has done it after being reminded. A motion was made to have the county add mowing to the regular agenda every year to be done either the last two weeks of July or the first two weeks of August by D. Johnson, second G. Scherzer, passed 3-0.

               D.   Gravel on the three clay hills

Dale Voit will be spreading 10 yards of gravel on each of the three hills on McKenzie Road. The road will be staked with red flags as to where needed by Ardell Johnson.

E.      E.      Big Hill winter and washboard problems

Dave Anderson is willing to spread gravel on Big Hill every time the road is plowed in the winter for $100 each time. A motion to contract with Dave Anderson to spread unsalted sand preferably from a licensed pit for $100 after each time the road is snowplowed was made by D. Johnson, second A. Johnson, passed 3-0.

Washboarding was discussed, no real solution. The board took no action but will continue to research the problem.



  1. New Business
    1. Property Tax Levy Certification

A motion was made to certify the tax levy at $4,000 as approved at the annual meeting by G. Scherzer, second D. Johnson, passed 3-0.

    1. Review Shoreline Trail approach

Concerns were that the approach was not a 90-degree approach as specified. After discussion the problem, the boardís review was that the construction was to their satisfaction as the traffic pattern was circumventing the proper 90-degree approach.

    1. Unauthorized approach on Seaberg Lane

The matter of an unauthorized approach unto Seaberg Lane was brought to the boardís attention. Dave Johnson contacted the owner of the lot, Diane Dalton-Rivard and was told that they did not realize they needed authorization. The lot had been in the family for years and the u shaped entrance had been in use years ago. They had decided to re-establish it. Dave Johnson wrote back asking them to take the steps required to satisfy the township boardís requirements for adding the access road by asking approval after the fact. This is where the matter stands at present.

  1. Other Information
    1. Roger Houglum would like consideration on the ongoing problem of drainage down his driveway from Seaberg Lane.

This cases rutting and erosion problems. The board felt a culvert would relieve the problem. Greg Scherzer will follow up on this matter.

    1. Rex Kemmer would like the board to hold meetings on Saturday so more residents would be able to attend.

Township administrative policy states all township board meetings to be held on Tuesdays.

  1. Next Board Meeting: Oct 15, 2013
    1. Draft of meeting dates for 2014  
    2. 2014 is an election year (Treasurer and  Supervisor)
  2. Adjournment

D. Johnson made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, second G. Scherzer, passed 3-0 at 9:10 pm.