MARCH 12, 2013

Citizens present:  Ardell Johnson, Dick Toomey, Kathy Toomey, Dave Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Greg Scherzer, Roger Houglum, and Marv Mortenson

1.      Meeting called to order by M. Mortenson, Clerk ( 7:01 PM) Each citizen was provided with a packet containing the meeting agenda, 2012 minutes , 2012 year-end financial report, budget for 2014 and summery of road work completed as well as proposed.

2.      Nomination for moderator was called for, Dave Johnson nominated Kathy Toomey.  No other nomination were proposed, nominations were closed and Kathy was a unanimous choose for moderator.

3.      The moderator called for Additions to the Agenda; no additions were proposed.

4.      Citizens were given a few minutes to read and review the minutes of the 2012 meeting.  A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of last yearís annual meeting as written, was made by Dave Johnson, second by Dick Toomey.  Motion carried by oral vote.

5.      Financial Report:  Marv Mortenson, Clerk reviewed the financial report for 2012 as approved by the Board of Audit.  A complete copy of the report in the packet given to the citizens.

6.      Supervisor Reports

Road Supervisor, Ardell Johnson reviewed the work that has been done to date and overviewed the work that is to be done in 2013. This information is on the blue page of the citizenís packet.


Weed Supervisor, Greg Scherzer reported that he filled 3 reports of concern in 2012 to the county concerning noxious weeds, two (2) for Thistles and one for Leafy Spurge.  He further stated that Knapp Weed continues to be a problem and that Pansies are starting to become a concern. 

7.      Elections of 2012:  The Township did the 2012 election, in cooperation with the county by mail in ballots.  The county was pleased with the results and it saved the township a considerable amount of money.  M. Mortenson, Clerk did not receive any complaints or concerns from citizens about the change.

8.      Review of the budget:  Dick Toomey, Treasurer reviewed the budget for 2014 as printed in the citizens packet. No questions were asked.

9.      Setting the Levy for 2014:  Dick Toomey, Treasurer explained the relationship between the Gas Tax Revenue received from the State of MN and the levy for roads in the township.  Referring back to the budget he explained why the township board was recommending that the citizens set the levy at $4,000.00 for 2014. The motion to set the 2014 tax levy at $4,000.00 was made by Nancy Johnson and seconded by Ardell Johnson.  Motion carried by oral vote.

10.  2014 Annual meeting is set by the state for the second Tuesday in March.  Motion by Dave Johnson to set the time of the meeting at 7:00 pm with the site to be determined by the Town Board.  Second by Nancy Johnson passed by oral vote.

11.  General Discussion:  Roger Houglum brought up concerns about his drive way washing out during heavy rains.  The town supervisors will do a site visit sometime in April after the snow is gone.

12.  Adjourned at 8:04 PM   Motion by Nancy Johnson, second by Dave Johnson.  Passed by oral vote.


_______________________________________ Dave Johnson, Chairman

_______________________________________Marv Mortenson, Clerk