Regular Town Board Meeting of


August 12th, 2008


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Greg Scherzer, Supervisor, Ardell Johnson, Supervisor -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer – Marv Mortenson, Clerk                 


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:00 PM.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for:

                New Business: Peter Hovde’s email

                Motion to approve the agenda made by D. Johnson, second G. Scherzer – passed 3-0.


3.  Dispense with the reading of the minutes; approved the minutes of the last regular meeting as

written.    Motion by Dave Johnson, second by Greg Scherzer passed 3 -0.


4. Treasurer report:               

                -- Cash Balance of                 $25,054.53

                -- Invested Balance of                 $48,028.69

                -- Total Balance of                 $73,083.22

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by G. Scherzer, second by D. Johnson– passed 3-0.


5. Claims for payment:

                   $412.50                                Clearwater Co. Hwy. Dept.                Blading

                     $50.00                                Marv Mortenson                                            MAT Training

                 Motion to approve payment of bills by Greg Scherzer, second by D. Johnson – passed 3-0.


6. Old Business:

A.  Election judge pay rate will be $7.00. Motion by G. Scherzer, second by D. Johnson – passed 3-0.

B. Greg Scherzer met with the county engineer on Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 3:00 to review and get advice on some town road issues.  (see attached sheet for details)

                - items 3 and 9 – will request extra gravel spread in these areas as recommended by county engineer. Motion by D. Johnson, second by G. Scherzer – passed 3-0.

                - item 1 – will contact the county in the spring of 2009 to have the road edges reclaimed, creating better run off and less washing of road surface.

                - gravel for the township roads is ready and spreading of that gravel should start soon. There is no surcharge for higher fuel prices.


C. Ardell Johnson reports that spraying of the town road sides for brush and spotted knap weed will take place this fall.


D. There was good discussion concerning the purchasing of Workers’ Compensation that would cover the election judges and the board. The cost would be $57.00 for the remainder of this year and $171.00 for 2009.   Motion to not purchase Workers’ Compensation was made by G. Scherzer, second by A. Johnson  - passed 2-1 (Scherzer and A. Johnson voting in favor of the motion, D. Johnson opposed).


E. Election Update:  Notices and posting have been completed in a timely manner.  Filing for office begins Aug. 26th.  The town clerk has been trained and certified.  Town election judges are doing the training this week.


7.  New Business:

A.   The clerk handed out a meeting schedule for 2009 for the board to consider.  The proposal would cut the number of meetings from one a month to seven for the year.  Members of the board will review the proposal, along with its traditional schedule of meetings at the December board meeting.


B.  How much revenue should the township carry in reserve? The general feeling was that 2 years of funding plus 10% for inflation would be a prudent amount.

The board raised the question of what percentage of increase a board and its citizens could levy in a single year. Example: If no tax was levied for 2009, what could be levied for 2010?  D. Johnson will make some inquires for answers.

Final Revenue Approval for 2009 will be made after reviewing this information.


C. Correspondence: none


D. Other:  Email from Peter Hovde requesting the board meet with the Clearwater County Commissioners to help influence a vote on ATV traffic that would control county land the same as state land.   D. Johnson contacted our district commissioner and the decision had been completed. The county board voted 5-0 to have trails on county land open to ATV traffic unless posted closed.



8.  Motion to stop this meeting and reconvene on Tuesday, August 26th at 7:00 PM at the Greg Scherzer residence.  Made by D. Johnson, second by G. Scherzer – Passed 3-0   Time: 9:47 PM

The reason for a continuation is that a final township property tax levy approval needs to be made and sent to the county auditor prior to the next regularly scheduled town board meeting.     


Tuesday, August 26th.

The board reconvened and was called to order at 7:00 pm. All board members were present.


Item B under New Business needed completion. “Final Township Property Tax Levy Approval for 2009”

Noted by the board:

                - At the annual meeting the citizens had set the tax levy for 2009 at $6,100.00

- The tax levy is not the only source of income for the township. Other revenue sources for 2009 are projected to be approximately $7,000.00.

- The township presently has $73,000.00 in funds.

- The township will end the year, with all bills paid and a balance of approximately $56,000.00. (Year ending is Dec. 31st, 2008)

- The average yearly expenditures for the townships three years of existence is approximately $20,000 a year.

- If the township were to carry a revenue balance that was the equivalent of two (2) years of the average expenditures, plus an additional ten (10) percent for inflation, the township would need $44,000.00 balance at the end of the year.

- Townships are not covered by the recently passed MN property tax increase limit of 3.9% because township voters set their tax levy at the annual meeting.  This amount maybe lowered by the township board but cannot be raised.


Motion was made by David Johnson to set the official LLL township levy of 2009 at zero.  The motion was seconded by Greg Scherzer.  A roll call voted was called for:

Ardell Johnson – Yes

Greg Scherzer   - Yes

Dave Johnson   - Yes

Motion passed    3-0


Motion to adjourn was made my A. Johnson, second by G. Scherzer,  passed 3-0; time 7:55 p.m.



_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor