Regular Town Board Meeting of


September 11, 2007





Dave Johnson –  Supervisor, Dick Toomey – Treasurer, Marv Mortenson -  Cleck , Greg Scherzer – Supervisor,  Absent:

Jon Jennings – Supervisor


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Johnson at 7:01 pm.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for.

                -- New Business:  Request to plant wild flowers

Motion to approve the agenda by Johnson,  second by Scherzer – passed 2-0


3.  Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes; approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as

                written.     Motion by Johnson, second by Scherzer – passed 2-0


4. Treasurer report:   

                -- Cash Balance of $14,559.48

                -- Invested Balance of $46,200.99

                -- Total Balance of $60,760.47

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Scherzer, second by Johnson– passed 2-0


5. Claims for payment:

                $375.00 to Clearwater County for blading

                $1500.00 to Lindgren Backhoe

Motion to approve payment, Scherzer, second by Johnson – passed 2-0


6. Old Business:

A.  Road work is looking good and for the most part completed.  Rocks need to be placed by the culvert outlet on Seaberg road.


B. Spot gravel has been completed on McKenzie and needs to be completed on Seaberg RD.


C. Weed complaint to the county was lost by the Environmental Office.  It was refilled by Scherzer.  The ditches of county 39 have been mowed. One area of thistles has been sprayed but gravel pits have not been.


D.  The county Subdivision Ordinance meeting was attended by Johnson.  There is no conflict with the county ordinance and the town road procedures.


E.  Public Access – Mr. Kimball, of the DNR, the person that we have been in contact with our concerns, has retired.  We are now working with Mr. Tony Waizer and Mr. Jon Carter.  They said they would come out and look at the access this fall.


F. A formal request by letter was received from Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Cox. They are asking the township to vacate the Deed Row adjacent to their back property line. (See attached letter)   The township will review and study the mater. Motion to send a letter advising the Cox’s of the township decision, made by Johnson, second by Scherzer – passed 2-0



7.  New Business:

A.  Phone call from Mr. G. Rave of Lake of the Woods county.  He was inquiring as to how to become a township.  They would like to become a township and then move their township to Roseau county.


B. Mr. Ardell Johnson has inquired as to planting wild flowers along Seaberg RD.  He would like the township to pay for part of or all of the flowers.

Mr. Johnson may plant wild flowers if he wishes. The township will not assist with the cost.  Motion my Scherzer, second by Johnson – passed 2-0


8.  Motion to adjourn by Johnson, second by Scherzer – Passed 2-0

                Adjourned at 8:45




_____________________________ Marv Mortenson,  Clerk



_____________________________ Supervisor