MARCH 11 21014


Citizens present: Ardell Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Dick Toomey, Kathy Toomey, Marvin Mortenson, Babe Mortenson, David Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Becky Bergerson, Bob Von Hagen


  1. Meeting called to order by Becky Bergerson, Deputy Clerk, at 7:00 pm. Each citizen was provided with a packet containing the meeting agenda, 2013 minutes, 2013 year end financial report, proposed budget for 2015 and a summery of the long range road plan.
  2. Nomination as moderator was called for, Babe Mortenson nominated Marv Mortenson. No other nominations were proposed, nominations were closed and Marv was a unanimous choice for moderator.
  3. Additions to the agenda were called for, none were proposed.
  4. Citizens were given a few minutes to read and review the 2013 meeting minutes. A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written was made by Dave Johnson, second by Babe Mortenson. Motion carried by oral vote.
  5. Financial Report: Dick Toomey, township treasurer reviewed the financial report from 2013 as approved by the Board of Audit. A complete copy of the report was included in the packet given to the citizens.
  6. Supervisor Reports: Ardell Johnson, road supervisor, reviewed the work that was done to date and outlined the work that is to be done in 2014. This information was included in the citizenís packet. Greg Scherzer, weed supervisor was not present.
  7. Elections: No elections were held in 2013. 2014 elections will continue to be done by mail-in ballet. Board members up for elections in 2014 include one supervisor, a treasurer and a clerk. The clerk would be elected to fill the remaining two years of the four-year term.
  8. Review of Budget: Treasurer Dick Toomey reviewed the budget for 2015 as included in the citizenís packet.
  9. Setting Levies for 2015: Treasurer Dick Toomey explained the process of setting the levy. The motion was made to set the 2015 levy at $4000.00 was made by made by Nancy Johnson, second by Bob Van Hagen, carried by oral vote.
  10. 2015 annual meeting is set by the state for the second Tuesday in March. Thisdate would be March 10, 2015. Motion was made by Dick Toomey to set the time of the meeting at 7:00 at a place to be determined by the board. Second by Ruth Johnson and carried by oral vote.
  11. General Discussion: A brief discussion about the status of who would be hired to do upcoming roadwork. No decisions have yet been made but Ardell Johnson, road supervisor would continue interviewing prospects. A certificate of appreciation was presented to Marv Mortenson to thank him for his service as township clerk. He was the original clerk elected in 2005 when the township was formed and bore the brunt of the work in getting it established. Marv was given an appreciative round of applause by the citizens present.
  12. Meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm. Motion by Ruth Johnson, second by Nancy Johnson and carried by oral vote.


_______________________________________ Dave Johnson, chairman


_______________________________________ Becky Bergerson, deputy clerk