Long Lost Lake Township Regular Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 7:00 PM

Ardell and Ruth Johnson Residence

1.      Chair David Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:00. Deputy Clerk Becky Bergerson substituted for Clerk Laurie Wilson. All others were present.

2.      Under 8. New Business; and wind was added to d., dying trees and leaners was added to e., under g. other 1. MAT article was added. Dave moved to accept the amended agenda, Greg seconded, motion passed 3-0.

3.      It was noted that Regular should be added to the title of the minutes. Greg moved to accept the amended minutes of the June 9, 2015 meeting, Ardell seconded, passed 3-0.

4.      Treasurer Toomey reported that LLL Township investments totaled $28,414.52 and cash on hand equals $27,127.43 for a total of $55,541.95. David moved to accept the treasurerís report and Greg seconded, motion passed 3-0.

5.      Treasurer Toomey provided a list of claims for payment from the Clearwater County Highway Dept for the traffic study for $240. Greg moved to accept the claims, David seconded, motion passed 3-0.

6.      There were no citizen comments

7.      Old Business

a.      Re email communications between David and Chair Dan Buell: A memorandum of agreement for gravel maintenance of shared township roads has not been returned by the LaPrairie Town Board. When asked about it in an e-mail Dan Buell said they were not going to sign because it wasn't necessary since it was in minutes from March joint meeting. In the same email Dan Buell said ok to spraying. However a number of other e-mails have been ignored by Dan Buell.

b.      Report on changing bank signature card was given by Chairman David Johnson.  It will be necessary to fill out another bank form in order to add board members and deputy members.  Chairman David Johnson and Deputy Clerk Becky Bergerson will be added, bringing the total to five possible persons available to supply the three signatures needed on checks. The form would be given to Clerk Laurie Wilson to file with the Riverwood Bank.

c.      David submitted a signed report on the actions of town board members Dave and Ardell without prior approval in regard to mowing for knapweed and repair work on road washout. Greg moved to accept the report, Ardell seconded, motion passed 3-0. Payment of bill was discussed. Ardell moved to accept payment of the bill which would not exceed $800.00. Greg seconded, motion passed 3-0.

d.      Other


8.      New Business

a.      Board members were sent an email of the details of the counts. As expected most traffic was recorded on Big Hill.

b.      See c. above under old business.

c.      Roy Abraham from Clearbrook was contacted for bid by Dave. Charges would be $150 per hour plus materials, maximum $1200 for 8.5 miles of road. Dave offered to present letter to Abraham detailing the spraying specifications of the township. Greg moved to present letter, Ardell seconded, passed 3-0. Ardell was to contact Bellefy Brushing as an alternate if needed.

d.      Discussion of fall road maintenance after recent heavy rains and wind, see e. below

e.      d. above and e., discussion of downed, dying and leaning trees that would impact the roadway were discussed together. It was decided to do a tree survey as soon as possible on designated township roads identifying and documenting problems. Saturday, 9:00 am Sat Aug 22 was set as the time to meet at Gregís for this survey.

f.        District 12 meeting of the MAT will be held in Erskine on Aug 26. Anyone interested in attending contact Dave for details.

g.      Other

1.      Mat article was detailed briefly by Dick. Election officials are township employees and possibly should be receiving W-2 forms. This may become something to look into next election cycle.

2.      Dick also reported he had received a bill for $184.50 from the county for work on Hoot Owl Rd. This bill was rejected. Hoot Owl Road in not in the Long Lost Lake Township.

9.      There was no further business. Motion was made to adjourn at 8:26 by Dave, second by Ardell, motion passed 3-0.

Next meeting is Tuesday Oct 13, 7:00 PM at David and Nancy Johnson residence.


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