Regular Town Board Meeting of


August 11, 2009


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Greg Scherzer, Supervisor -- Ardell Johnson, Supervisor, -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer -- Marv Mortenson, Clerk


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:00 PM.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for:

      Motion to approve the agenda made by D. Johnson, second A. Johnson – passed 3-0


3.  Reading of the Minutes

Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as written. Motion by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson – passed 3 -0


4. Treasurer report:             

                -- Cash Balance of              $18,911.24

                -- Invested Balance of        $43,364.74

                -- Total Balance of              $62,275.98

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by, D. Johnson second by A. Johnson– passed 3-0


5. Claims for payment:

            $1,868.20  Clearbrook Ag Service

$     66.00  A. Johnson for mileage

$   200.00  Tuition for MAT Short Course

$1,050.00  Clearwater County Highway Dept.

            $3,184.20   Total

Motion to approve payment of all but the spraying bill by Scherzer, second by A. Johnson—passed 3-0

Motion to pay the spraying bill, with a letter expressing our concern over full spraying vs. spot spraying, Scherzer, second by D. Johnson – Passed 3-0  ( Letter attached )  D. Johnson  will write to LaPrairie Township notifying them of their cost of road right-of-way spraying.


6. Old Business:


A.    Road project update:  A. Johnson reported that we are still looking for a contractor to do the 3 projects that were approved at the April meeting.  Discussion of spot spraying: it would appear that a full spraying of the road right of ways was done, not a spot spraying as discussed with Mr. Hetland at the April meeting.


B.   Report on Seaberg Ln road right of way.  A. Johnson visited the county court house and found plot maps showing the placement and survey of a 40ft wide Seaberg Ln.  The clerk will keep these documents on file.


C.  Traffic sign Inventory:  According to information received at the July MAT Short Course the evaluation must be completed by 2012 and signs replaced by Jan. 1, 2015.  A preliminary survey of sign placement has been made and an evaluation of sign reflectivity will be done in December of 2009.


D.  Snowmobile trail update:  D. Johnson reported that he was told there were no funds to do a reroute of the portion of the designated trail that is on township roads.  Following a discussion of the best way to precede it was decided a letter would be drafted and sent to LaPrairie Township, the DNR Trails & Waterways and the snowmobile club representative requesting immediate removal of township roads from the signed snowmobile trail route.  Motion to draft and send letter by Scherzer, second by A. Johnson – passed 2-1.


E.  Public access:  D. Johnson again contacted Mr. Dave Schotzho of the DNR’s Trails & Waterways. Mr. Schotzko now states that he is not responsible for this public access because it is on “Wild Life Management” land.  He would foreword his information to the correct person, but of course there are no funds for such a project.  The board feels that this project falls more under the Lake Associations portfolio and will give all the information to them for further follow up.


7.  New Business:


A.  Revenue Approval for 2010:  The county auditor should have the revenue approval form for 2010 sent out before the town board meets again. A discussion of the need to levy taxes for 2010 took place.  The average yearly claims, the average yearly income and the need for future projects were all examined.  A motion to allow the clerk to certify a no tax levy for 2010 was made by Scherzer, second by A. Johnson.  A roll call vote was called for by the chair:  D. Johnson, Yes—A. Johnson, Yes—Scherzer, Yes.  Motion passed 3-0


B. Review of MAT Short Course held in July.  A discussion of road weight limits was held.


C. Rural residential speed limits:  It is possible to establish a 35 mph speed limit on township roads if there are driveways 300 ft or less apart for at least a quarter of a mile. It was felt that part of Seaberg Ln and part of Big Hill Rd may qualify.  Mr. Scherzer will check on what the process is for doing this with the MN DOT and report at the next meeting.


D.  MN DOT Speed Study of  roads:  Mr. Scherzer will check on what is involved in doing this and what the costs may be.


E.  DNR signs on Chimney and McKenzie: D. Johnson made a call and was told to call Jim Gubbels for more information. D. Johnson will report at next meeting.


F. A. Johnson attended a meeting on July 24th concerning Noxious Weeds. Information included what the county is doing and a field trip to show the participants examples of control efforts.


8. NEXT BOARD MEETING:  October 13th, Agenda Items.

A. Follow up to New Business items: C—Scherzer, D---Scherzer, E—D. Johnson.

B. MAT Insurance Premium should be due

C. Discussion of meeting calendar for 2010



  Motion to adjourn by D. Johnson, second by Scherzer, passed 3-0   Adjourned at 9:53 PM


_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor