Meeting Minutes for the Regular Meeting of Long Lost Lake Township

Tuesday, May 10th, 7:00 PM

Dan and Laurie Wilson Residence


1. Call to Order, David Johnson, Chair

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  Supervisor Scherzer was unable to attend.  All others were present.


2. Review of the Agenda

The agenda was slightly amended to include a summary of the road tour conducted on April 19th by Johnson, Scherzer and Johnson as the first item, and the blading and spot graveling report were then combined with item ‘b’. Cheryl Grover of Enbridge had requested to speak and to be moved to the beginning of the meeting so as to be able to attend two other township meetings this evening. Her request to present her letter was approved and she was placed on the agenda immediately following review of the agenda as item 7-g.


7-g. Cheryl Grover, Enbridge Spokesperson, reported that the comment period on the pipeline proposal extends through May 26, 2016. Ms. Grover had prepared a letter in support of the pipeline proposals which she presented to the LLL Town Board for approval. Ms. Grover indicated that 54% of the county tax base is currently paid by public utilities and she estimated that with the completion of the pipeline as proposed, that 64% of Clearwater County taxes would be paid by utilities. A copy of the letter prepared by Ms. Grover is included with the May 10, 2016 agenda. Chair David Johnson accepted the letter as drafted and indicated that discussion would occur later in the meeting. The township was asked to approve and sign the letter and return it with the May 11th mail in the pre-addressed format. At this point she departed and the regular meeting agenda resumed.


3. Reading / Review of the April 11, 2016 meeting minutes

A motion to accept the April 11 minutes was offered by Ardell and seconded by David. Motion passed.


4. Treasurer’s Report, Dick Toomey

Treasurer Toomey reported that LLL Township has $28,455.55 in investments and $30,514.95 in cash for a balance of $58,970.50. Chair David moved to accept the report and Ardell offered the second and motion to approve passed.


5. Claims for Payment, Dick Toomey

Treasurer Toomey indicated that there were no unpaid claims for payment this month.


6. Old Business

a. Road tour summary (complete summary to be provided by Greg Scherzer). Five areas were identified by Chair David for future improvement including, 1. Curve south of the Peninsula where a false ditch has developed, 2. North of Rambo’s on the wood’s side a false ditch has developed, 3. & 4. Above North Shore Drive and below the false ditch is now gone, but the washboard area remains and will need more blading after a rain, and 5. Large chuck holes on the right hand curve near the old gravel pit. All problem areas were marked by stakes on the April 19th road tour and have since had initial work done by the county. Due to exceptionally dry conditions at this time resulting in very hard packed road surface, not all needed repairs could be accomplished.

b. spot graveling report and blading report

Ardell indicated that during the work on the road quite a lot of gravel was recovered and potholes are reduced. Ardell spoke to the county engineer and they agreed that once some moisture is received that another blading should be scheduled. Chair David indicated that because an extended period of work was required on the road we should expect a larger than normal bill and that there may be some push back from LaPrairie. Regarding the spot graveling, LLL Township’s request for inclusion in the county contract for a light graveling of about 800 yards at $9.00/yd was acknowledged. It will occur this summer but there is not a known time frame.

7. New Business

a. spraying report

Greg was not present at this meeting but had communicated to Chair David that Clearwater Ag is not in the business of spraying for Townships. David recommended contacting Roy Abraham and requesting timely attention to the spotted knapweed along township roads.

b. letter from White Earth and other correspondence

Chair David shared the letter from White Earth identifying the proposed summer improvement projects on Tribal land. None of the proposed projects affect LLL Township.

c. Election Judge decision

Chair David moved to accept the three election judge applications received for the September Primary and the November General Election. The motion was amended to identify Nancy Johnson as Head Judge as she has served in this role in the past and is willing to be so identified again. Ardell seconded and all voted ‘aye’. Wilson will provide the Auditor’s Office with the requested information.

d. Clearwater County Township Meeting update

No one from LLL Township attended this meeting.

e. LLL access / landing update

Lake Association President Dan Wilson had provided an email communication regarding the intention of DNR personnel to add additional planking at the Public Access by the end of June. Lower water levels have resulted in challenges with boat and pontoon launches at the access.

f. communication to residents re: fire danger

Ardell Johnson, Fire Warden, indicated that he will communicate fire danger status and burning bans to Becky Bergeson and Dan Wilson for prompt dissemination to Lake Association members. At this time, fire danger remains high.

g. other

Discussion ensued on the letter of support drafted by Cheryl Grover. The Town Board declined to sign the letter. Individuals may or may not decide to lend their support as individuals but the support of the Town Board was not forthcoming. This was signed by David Johnson, Chair, and Clerk Wilson was directed to return the document.


8. Citizen Comments

No other citizens were present.


9. Chair David moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:28. Ardell offered the second and all voted ‘aye’.


The next meeting of the LLL Township will be June 14th at 7:00 PM at the Ardell Johnson Residence.