Annual Meeting

Official Minutes

Long Lost Lake Township

March 10, 2015


Citizens Present:  Ardell Johnson, Ruth Johnson¸ Richard Toomey, Kathy Toomey, Greg Scherzer, David Johnson, Dan Wilson, Laurie Wilson


1.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Laurie Wilson, LLL Twp. Clerk.  Citizens were provided a packet containing  a meeting agenda, 2014 meeting minutes, 2014 financial report, proposed budget for 2016, and a summary of road work completed since 2005 and proposed road work going forward.


2.  Nominations for a moderator were called for and Dan Wilson was nominated by Dick Toomey.  Greg Scherzer seconded the nomination and it passed7-0. 


3. The agenda was reviewed, citizen additions to the agenda were called for, and none were proposed.


4. Citizens were given time to review the 2014 minutes.  Ruth moved to accept the minutes as printed, David offered the second, and all voted ‘Aye.’


5. Before beginning the financial report, David Johnson noted a needed correction on page 1 of the financial report overview.  The 2016 proposed levy amount of $4000. denoted by an asterisk in the report will be approved at the 2015 Annual Meeting, not the 2014 date as printed. The Clerk is directed to make this change on the official meeting master template as well. Treasurer Toomey reviewed the 2014 financial report overview as accepted February 10, 2015, by Board of Audit recommendation. Treasurer Toomey provided a complete copy of the report for the packet and noted that all property tax for LLL Twp goes into the Road and Bridge Fund. Citizens requested that Treasurer Toomey report on the proposed 2016 budget at this time as well. He noted that a new source of revenue to the townships will be the state Town Aid dollars.  LLL will likely collect about $1720 of Town Aid. He noted that we are anticipating some increase in the Fire Fund for 2016 since it has been static for two years.


6. Ardell Johnson offered the road report for 2014 which included snow removal, grading, complete gravelling, debris removal at the north end, one mowing and new road improvement work at the north end. Citizens noted the significantly improved roads from ‘decades ago’ when McKenzie was frequently impassable. Ardell also summarized the joint meeting of the LLL and LaPrairie Townships held March 5, 2015 and noted that a compromise agreement was reached on a four year complete gravelling cycle with shared road tours emphasized. The next complete gravelling will be scheduled for 2018, but significant spot gravelling will likely be needed in 2016 and 2017. Concerns were expressed regarding the potential current degradation of McKenzie due to heavy logging and heavy use of McKenzie by logging trucks. Greg Scherzer indicated that no weed reports were received this year. Loostrife is in the county at Hoot Owl, but not yet in LLL.  A spot of leafy spurge has been noted in the county and knapweed is now widespread.


7. RE: Elections, there are 40+ registered voters in LLL Twp and approximately 26 votes were cast as recalled by Ruth Johnson, election judge.  LLL voters continue to cast mail-in ballots and no complaints were received about the process.  Mail-in balloting saves $800. / year for the township. Wilson reported that David Johnson was re-elected for a four year term as a supervisor and Dick Toomey was re-elected as Treasurer for a four year term and that Laurie Wilson was elected to complete the second half of a four year term as clerk.


8. Included with item 5 above.


9. Treasurer Toomey explained the rationale for setting the levy at $4000.  This amount is anticipated to be sufficient to cover anticipated costs while maximizing the gas tax allotment that can be collected from the state. Twp Board can lower the levy but not raise it once it is approved.  Dick moved to approve the levy for 2016 at $4000.  Ruth seconded, passed unanimously.


10. The 2016 Annual Meeting date is set for March 8, 2016, by Minnesota Statute. Ruth moved to recommend a 7:00 PM start time and that the Twp Board choose the place of the meeting. Kathy seconded the motion, all said ‘Aye’.


11. Re: General discussion items, LLL Association President Dan Wilson reported on the current activities and potential funding surrounding AIS prevention in the multi-county area which includes Itasca Park. Several ideas are under consideration and well regarded resource personnel from Clearwater and Becker counties have been identified.  It was noted that Bad Medicine Lake Association has been very active for ten years with education and prevention work.  Dan will keep the Twp. informed regarding proposed actions.


12.  A motion to adjourn at 8:15 was offered by Dick, and seconded by Dave.  All adjourned for refreshments. 



______________________________________Dave Johnson, Chairman


______________________________________Laurie Wilson, Clerk