Regular Town Board Meeting of


June 10th, 2014


Present: Dave Johnson, Chair – Greg Scherzer, Supervisor – Ardell Johnson, Supervisor – Dick Toomey, Treasurer – Barb Von Hagen, Clerk


1.       Meeting was called to order by Chair Dave Johnson at 7:10 pm.

2.       Additions to the agenda were called for:  No additions.  Motion to approve the agenda by Greg Scherzer, seconded by David Johnson. Passed 3-0.

3.       Reading and approval of Minutes.

A Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as written made by Greg Scherzer, seconded by David Johnson.  Passed 3-0.


4.       Treasurer Report: (See details on attached reports.)

--Cash Balance of                                $27193.35

--Investments of                                $28338.66


                                Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report made by Greg  Scherzer seconded by David Johnson.

5.       Claims for payment:

--David Johnson                                                 Copies for annual meeting                                  $  18.37

--Clearwater County Highway Department     Snowplowing, partial payment                                $250.00

--Clearwater County Highway Department     Snowplowing, partial payment                                $ 75.00


Motion to accept claims for payment passed  3-0               

6.       Old Business:

A.        Ardell Johnson has received a price quote from Bellefy  Brushing for clearing dead wood from shoulders of road in the amount of $1200.00 . A motion was made by David Johnson to accepted quote and was seconded by Greg Scherzer.  Accepted 3-0.  Ardell will send letter to Bellefy Brushing accepting the quote.  No work will begin until board holds current proof of insurance certificate and signed letter of acceptance of work at agreed price.

7.       New Business:

A.       Get report from Vogt for gravel work.  No acceptance letter or certificate of insurance has been received.

B.       Use of calcium chloride on Big Hill has been discussed and was decided not to use at this time. 

C.       Summary of Township  Road Tour was discussed.   The board will consider repairs to curve south of Peninsula intersection with McKenzie Rd for next year.  It was noticed that the parts of the shared road have not been graveled in 6 years.  David sent a copy of the Summary of the Road Trip to LaPrairie Twsp but there has been no response.  He plans to send an official letter to Susan Knutson of LaPrairie Twsp.

D.       Upcoming classes will be held Wednesday, June 25th at Walker Casino.  Barb Von Hagen and Dick Toomey will attend.

E.        There was discussion of road blade job quality and it was decided that currently, quality seems good. 


8.       Other:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A.    There was brief discussion of road damage problem on Big Hill.

B.       Barb will be checking on forms to run for office.  This year terms are up for David Johnson and Ardell Johnson.

9.       Adjournment:

Motion by David Johnson to adjourn, seconded by Ardell Johnson. Passed 3-0 at 8:20 PM.


      10.    Next meeting August 12th, 8:01 PM at Ardell's.
               A.  Status of graveling and dead material removal projects.
               B.  Stockpile of sand for Big Hill.
               C.  Reports on Short Course in Walker.
               D.  Election activities.


______________________   Board Chair


______________________   Clerk