Regular Town Board Meeting of


January 10th, 2012


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Ardell Johnson, Supervisor, -- Greg Scherzer, Supervisor -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer -- Marv Mortenson, Clerk       *Lowell Liebenow, citizen


1.       Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:17 PM.


2.       Additions to the Agenda:

Old Business: Sanding of Big Hill

New Business: Lowell Liebenow

           Motion to approve by D. Johnson, second by Scherzer– passed 3-0


3.  Reading of the Minutes

A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as written. Motion by D. Johnson, second by Scherzer– passed 3-0


4. Treasurer report:

                -- Cash Balance of              $   8,288.53

                -- Invested Balance of        $ 28,164.50

                -- Total Balance of              $36,453.03

Motion to approve by D. Johnson, second by Scherzer– passed 3-0


5. Claims for payment: No claims this month


6.  Old Business:

A.  Sanding of Big Hill.  Ardell Johnson reported that we have sanded once this winter.


B.  Dave Johnson shared the letter he wrote to the Clearwater Ambulance service denying their request for funds. (Letter is attached)


C.  Dave Johnson shared the letter he wrote to the LaPrairie town board concerning possible road projects for this summer on the shared portion of McKenzie road.  (Letter is attached)


7.  New Business:


A.       Reorganize the board:  Board will remain the same.

Motion by Scherzer, second by A. Johnson  - passed 3-0


B.      Lowell Liebenow voiced concerns about snow removal and sanding on Hwy 39.  He was given the name and number to the county highway engineer.  He also voiced concerns that the removal of snow from the township road was not prompt.  It snowed 3 inches on Fri. Dec. 30, 3 inches on Sat. Dec. 31 and 1 inch on Sunday Jan. 1.   The snow was removed on Tues. Jan. 2 by noon.   The town board feels this is reasonable service, noting both Sunday and Monday were holidays. 


C.      Planning for the Board of Audit.  Dave Johnson, Dick Toomey and Marv Mortenson will meet to prepare the information for the board


D.      Budget for 2013: The supervisors reviewed the proposed budget at the Dec. meeting and have had the past month to study the budget.  Motion to approve the budget by D. Johnson, second by Scherzer - passed 3-0


E.       Road projects of 2013:  The supervisors will gather on site at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11th, for the purpose of viewing areas that may need some work. The two main areas are; the hill south of the intersection of Peninsula Rd and McKenzie Rd and a low area on Seaberg Ln close to Clay’s driveway.


F.        Other:           


8. NEXT BOARD MEETING: February 15th, Agenda Items:

A.  Board of Audit

B.  Planning for the Annual Meeting

C.  Summer Road Projects and Spraying for noxious weeds



9.   Motion to adjourn by D. Johnson, second by Scherzer, passed 3-0   Adjourned at 8:29 PM


_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor