Long Lost Lake

February 10, 2015 Township Meeting

Dick Toomey Residence


Present: Supervisors David Johnson, Greg Scherzer and Ardell Johnson, Treasurer Toomey, Clerk Wilson

7:00 PM Board of Audit

Chair David Johnson called the Board of Audit meeting to order at 7:00 pm.Chair David Johnson reported that the audit committee consisting of Dick Toomey, Laurie Wilson and himself had met January 26th to review township financial records.It was determined that receipts and expenditures balanced and that the current township checkbook balance equaled that of the bank statement. Following this meeting, the late receipt of an interest payment from 2014 which was automatically included in the 2014 balances despite its January 2015 receipt resulted in a second meeting. Ardell moved to accept the audit report, Greg seconded the motion and it passed 3-0.Dick was instructed to file the appropriate documents with the state. Dick will also submit the required document on indebtedness to the Clearwater Cty Auditorís Office. After filings are completed, LLL Twp will convert to CTAS 8 as recommended by MAT. David moved to adjourn, second by Greg, passed 3-0.

7:15 Regular LLL Township Meeting

1. Call to Order:David Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:15.

2. Additions to the Agenda:A report on the County Township meeting was added to the agenda after which David moved to approve the agenda, Ardell seconded, passed 3-0.

3. Reading and approval of January 13th, 2015 Minutes:Minutes from the January 13th meeting were reviewed. David moved to approve, Greg seconded, passed 3-0.

4. Treasurerís Report, Dick Toomey: Please see attached treasurerís report for details.Total investment revenue equals $28,379.66, and cash balance equals $6,525.87 for a February total of $34,905.53. Greg moved to accept, David seconded, passed 3-0.

5. Claims for Payment: Claims for payment totaled $535.52 including MAT state and county dues, office supplies and snowplowing.Greg moved to accept the claims for payment, Ardell seconded, passed 3-0. Please see attachments for details.

6. Old Business: a) Update re: LaPrairie Twp reimbursement for completed maintenance LLL Township Board acknowledged the $1196.46 received from LaPrairie Twp towards the approximately $5000. billed for completed work on the shared road in 2014.A thank you was sent to Susan Knutson, LaPrairie Clerk, acknowledging receipt of this payment for mowing and debris removal. It was reported at this meeting that LaPrairie Board does not agree with the recommended directive to gravel every three years.LaPrairie also questioned the blading done prior to the laying down of gravel. Ardell will contact Vogt to obtain a statement regarding the decision to blade prior to graveling in 2014. LaPrairie did acknowledge the multiple attempts to communicate in advance of the completed roadwork including the two dates scheduled for shared road inspection. LLL Twp Board will attend the March 5th meeting of the LaPrairie Board for further discussion on this matter.

b)County Township Report:Members who attended the County Township meeting offered a summary of the main points from that meeting including the pending purchase of 1900 acres of private land with Legacy Funds by the White Earth Tribe and the permanent removal of those lands from tax roles.

7. New Business

a)Official 2016 Budget Approval.It was moved by Greg and seconded by David to approve the 2016 budget as presented.Passed 3-0.Greg moved to approve the 2014 financial report as presented.Ardell seconded.Passed 3-0.

b) Prep for Annual Meeting, March 10.The LLL Twp Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, March 10 at 7:00 pm at the Dan and Laurie Wilson residence at 13396 Ecton Trail. This date is mandated by State Statute and backup dates in case of inclement weather are also set forth. It was recommended that 12 copies of the annual report be prepared by the Clerk. Refreshments will be served following the meeting.

c)Clearwater County Road Maintenance Agreement review and completion: The Clearwater County Road Maintenance agreement was reviewed. It was noted that county maintenance cannot be undertaken on the road without completion of this document. Greg moved to approve the agreement, David seconded, passed 3-0.

d)Clearwater County Historical Society fund request was brought forward for discussion.Support of this agency is allowed by State Statute. Sixteen or seventeen Clearwater Townships contributed last year. Action was tabled.Members were encouraged to contribute individually to this county resource as they utilize it.

e)Adjournment and time.The meeting was stopped at 8:30, but was not adjourned due to the intent to reconvene as a full board on March 5 at the LaPrairie Town Hall


March 5, 2015, LaPrairie Town Hall, 7:00 pm.

The meeting was resumed with members David Johnson, Ardell Johnson, Dick Toomey and Laurie Wilson in attendance for LLL Twp. and Dan Buell, Susan Knutson, Amelia Roy and Steve Snobl in attendance for LaPrairie Twp.

The purpose of the joint meeting was to discuss collection of the unpaid portion of the bill ($3845.30) submitted to LaPrairie in 2014 for completed road maintenance on the shared roadway in 2014, as well as to reach agreement going forward on a maintenance schedule acceptable to both boards.

A spirited discussion was held, summary documents were shared with LaPrairie (see attached), differences of opinions acknowledged, local maintenance roadway resource personnel were identified and several important agreements were reached.Listed below are those points upon which agreement was reached:

††††††††††††††† a.Following a motion by David Johnson, seconded by Ardell, passed 2-0, to discount the outstanding balance owed, LLL Twp will reduce the outstanding bill by $845.30 to acknowledge LaPrairie Boardís disagreement with the cost incurred for blading prior to gravelling of the surface. LaPrairie Twp moved to pay the outstanding portion of the bill in the amount of $3000.

††††††††††††††† b.Following a verbal offer by LaPrairie to compromise on a four year gravelling schedule, David Johnson offered the following motion: I move that LLL Twp enter into an agreement with LaPrairie Twp to conduct a four-year gravelling schedule beginning in 2015 with the next scheduled gravelling in 2018, and review of the agreement schedule at that time.Ardell seconded the motion and it passed 2-0.

††††††††††††††† c.Both boards affirmed the need to resume a shared road tour early each spring after the first blading to identify needed maintenance. LaPrairie Twp. Chair Buell verbally indicated that he does not have a problem with LLL Twp independently determining the need for spot gravelling following torrential rains, etc. or for regular brushing, mowing or debris removal.

††††††††††††††† d.LLL Road Supervisor Ardell Johnson affirmed his intention to continue to request bids for identified maintenance work.

††††††††††††††† e.Chair David Johnson encouraged the exchange of agreement documents by the boards and will draft such a document on behalf of LLL Twp.

David Johnson closed the LLL Twp. meeting at 8:33, and the meeting was officially adjourned.


______________________________________________David Johnson, LLL Twp. Chair


______________________________________________Laurie Wilson, LLL Twp Clerk