Regular Town Board Meeting of


October  9, 2007


Present:  Dave Johnson –  Supervisor, Dick Toomey – Treasurer, Marv Mortenson -  Cleck , Greg Scherzer – Supervisor,  Absent: Jon Jennings – Supervisor


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Johnson at 7:06 pm.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for.

Motion to approve the agenda by Johnson, second by Scherzer – passed 2-0


3.  Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes; approve the minutes of the last regular meeting as

                written.     Motion by Johnson, second by Scherzer – passed 2-0


4. Treasurer report:   

                -- Cash Balance of $13,820.10

                -- Invested Balance of $46,200.99

                -- Total Balance of $60,021.09

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Scherzer, second by Johnson– passed 2-0


5. Claims for payment:

                $393.75  to Clearwater County for blading

                $796.00  to township insurance

Motion to approve payment, Scherzer, second by Johnson – passed 2-0


6. Old Business:

A.  No new information on Public Access


B.  Spot gravel has been completed on McKenzie and needs to be completed on Seaberg RD.


C.  Supervisor Johnson called the Minnesota Association of Townships attorney and Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Cox attorney to verify the process of the Cox’s request to vacate the deeded row adjacent to their property.   Mr. & Mrs. Cox and their attorney will prepare a petition and present it to the LLL Town Board.  The town board will then schedule and hold a public meeting and make a ruling.

The board discussed issues to consider  when making a decision:

                1.  The county environmental offices position on a building permit

                2.  Placement of driveway and possible culvert.

                3.  Location of buildings in relation to township road & right of way. 

                4.  Could this affect other property owner’s access?

                5.  Could this have any future effect or cost to the township?


7.  New Business:

A.  Motion to accept Mr. Jon Jennings resignation as town supervisor.  Motion by Johnson, second by Scherzer – passed 2-0


B. Logging  next to McKenzie Road.   The logger is parking his truck on McKenzie Rd when loading.  Trees are being dragged across the road rutting the surface and promoting washing.  Debris is left on the road.  A survey monument from the original 1871survey has been run over and destroyed.  Motion to send a letter to the Land Commissioner  with a copy to Mr. Newland, District 2 Commissioner, by Scherzer, second by Johnson – Passed 2-0  (see attached letter)


C.  Other:

 Appointment of a new supervisor.   A letter will be sent to each household where a registered township voter resides.  This letter will ask for volunteers or nominations for township supervisor.  Motion by Scherzer, second by Johnson – Passed 2-0  ( see attached letter)


The Clearwater County Township Meeting will be October 23rd


8.  Motion to adjourn by Johnson, second by Scherzer – Passed 2-0

                Adjourned at 8:35

_____________________________ Marv Mortenson,  Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor