Regular Town Board Meeting of


May 9, 2006



Dave Johnson – Supervisor , Jon Jennings – Supervisor,  Greg Scherzer – Supervisor,  Dick Toomey – Treasurer, Marv Mortenson- Clerk


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Johnson at 7:00 pm.


2.  Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes; approve the minutes of the last meeting as written. Motion by Scherzer, second by Jennings  – passed 3-0


3.  Treasurer report:

                - Purchase of two (2) C.D’s of $5000.00 each for six (6) months at 3.7% and 4.05 % interest.  LLL Township now has $15,000.00 in interest bearing C.D’s.

                - LLL Township market value of property for tax purposes is $10,516,900.00, as reported by Cheryl Grover, Clearwater County Deputy Assessor.

                - LLL Township has a balance of $30,834.13


Motion to approve the treasure’s report as given.  Motion made by Jennings, second by Johnson – Passed 3-0


4.  Payment of bills:

                -  Motion to pay Clearwater County for contracted road maintenance. ($68.00 & $323.00) Motion by Jennings , second by Scherzer – Passed 3-0

                -  Motion to pay Shegrud Backhoe $210.00 for repairs made on Big Hill Road.  This work was for smoothing and filling holes that occurred during spring break up.  Motion by Scherzer, second by Jennings – Passed 3-0   (Mr. Shegrud was contacted by phone and requested to provide more detail when submitting bills to LLL Township.)

                - Motion for the Treasurer to invest $10,000.00 in two (2) additional C.D's.  These should be purchased so C.D’s would mature and be available on regular intervals.  Motion by Scherzer, second by Jennings – Passed 3-0


5.  Old Business:

                1.  Supervisor Jennings contacted the DNR concerning LLL public access.  The DNR will come out and inspect the access.

                2.  Supervisor Jennings contacted the Clearwater County Engineer concerning soft spots in the road beds, particularly on Big Hill.  He was told that they should firm up by mid June and be fine.  The county engineer suggested that some ditching along Big Hill road maybe helpful in preventing future “soft spots” and road problems.

                3.  An estimate for repairs to McKenzie Road was received from Shegrud Backhoe. These repairs call for the extension of a culvert and widening of the road bed.  Mr. Shegrud was called and asked for clarification.  It was also requested that more detail be given in future estimates presented to LLL Township.  Motion to have McKenzie Road repairs completed by Shegrud Backhoe at a cost of $1050.00.  Motion by Scherzer, second by Jennings – Passed 3-0

                4. Recording of  roads within the township.  Supervisor Jennings is working with the county to obtain color coded maps of township roads, cartways and private roads within the township.  Written descriptions of these roads will be prepared.  This information will be presented to the citizens of LLL Township at the Annual meeting in March of 2007.  The roads will then be recorded.

                5.  Information on Weed Control was received at the April 25th  Clearwater County Township meeting.

                6.  Supervisor Scherzer will schedule a time when the LLL Township board will get together and construct a “posting” board for the township.


6. New Business:

                1. The Administrative Policies prepared by supervisor Johnson were reviewed, some changes made and should be ready for approval at the next meeting.


                2.   Motion to  publish monthly meeting dates  for the remainder of the calendar year.  Motion by Scherzer, second by Jennings – Passed 3-0


                3.  A special meeting will be held on Sunday, June 11th at 1:30 PM.  The supervisors will drive the township roads and review these roads for future maintenance needs.   This meeting will be posted along with the monthly meeting dates.


7.   Motion to adjourn meeting.  Motion by Scherzer, second by Jennings – Passed 3-0




_______________________________   Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_______________________________    Supervisor