March 9, 2010



Citizens present:  Babe Mortenson, Marv Mortenson, Ruth Johnson, Ardell Johnson, Marianne Scherzer, Greg Scherzer, David Johnson, Richard Toomey


1. Meeting called to order by M. Mortenson, clerk (7:00 PM)  Each citizen was provided with a packet containing the meeting agenda, 2009 minutes, 2009 yearend financial report and proposed budget for 2011.


2. Nomination for moderator were called for, Babe Mortenson nominated Dave Johnson. Ruth Johnson moved that nominations be closed, with a second by Greg Scherzer.  Motion carried.


3. With no additions to the agenda, Greg Scherzer made a motion to approve the agenda, second by Babe Mortenson.

Motion carried.


4. Citizens were given a few minutes to read and review the minutes. Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of last year’s meeting as written, was made by Ruth Johnson, second by Ardell Johnson.  Motion carried.


5. Financial report.  Marv Mortenson, Clerk, gave a summary of the financial year as written in the packet of information.  A motion to approve the report was made by Babe Mortenson, second by Greg Scherzer. Motion carried.


6.   Ardell Johnson reviewed road work and maintenance completed in 2009.  He also mentioned work that was to be done in 2010.  Mitch Shegrud was invited to the meeting by Ardell Johnson and at this time a discussion of what to do about the ice on the “big hill” of Big Hill Rd.  No decisions were made.


                        1.   Gravel and ditching at the intersection of McKenzie Rd and Chimney RD

                        2.   Gravel and sump hole installed at curve south of Rambo’s driveway

                        3.   Ditching on curve quarter mile south of Ecton Ln & McKenzie Rd intersection

                        4.   Spotted Knap Weed & Brush spraying

5.        Removal of McKenzie Rd & Chimney Rd from the State Snowmobile Trail system



1.        Gravel recovery on road edge

2.        Right of way clean up, remove rocks, down trees


7.  Dick Toomey reviewed the budget for 2011 as written in the packet.  There were no questions or concerns from the citizens.


8.  Dick Toomey reviewed how the Tax Levy and Township Road Gas Tax are determined. The taxable valuation for LLL Township in 2010 is $14,088,900.00.  After questions were answered and some discussion, Dick Toomey made a motion to set the levy for 2011 at $7,000.00, second by Marianne Scherzer. Motion carried.


9.  Next year’s Annual Meeting was set to start no earlier than 6:00 PM and no later than 8:00 PM. Motion by Marianne Scherzer, second by Ruth Johnson. Motion carried.

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011.  

                Place to be determined by the LLL Town Board


10. General Discussion.

Dave Johnson reviewed the federal traffic sign mandate. 

The State of Minnesota has moved the primary election to August 10th for 2010. It is the hope of the township that we can do a joint election with Itasca Township rather than a shared polling place.  If this happens,  it would mean a savings as our township would supply two (2) election judges and Itasca would supply two (2).

There are two township positions that expire this year and these will be on the ballet in November.  They are treasurer and one supervisor.


11.  Babe Mortenson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 pm. This was seconded by Ardell Johnson. Motion carried

Thanks were given to Greg and Marianne Scherzer for hosting the meeting.


___________________________________ Marv Mortenson