Long Lost Lake Township Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 9, 7:00 PM

Ardell and Ruth Johnson Residence


1. Chair David Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.All were present.


2. Greg moved to accept the printed agenda.David seconded; motion passed 3-0.


3. Greg moved to accept the minutes of the 4/14/15 meeting minutes as printed.Ardell provided the second and the motion passed 3-0.


4. Treasurer Toomey reported that LLL Twp. investments total $28,401.68, and cash on hand equals $20,792.04 for a combined total of $49,193.72. David moved to accept the treasurerís report, Ardell seconded and the motion passed 3-0.


5. Treasurer Toomey provided a list of claims for payment from Clearwater County Highway Department which included $150. for snow removal and $600. for blading totaling $750.00.Greg moved to accept the claims for payment, David seconded, and the motion passed 3-0.


6.Old Business

a. No response from LaPrairie Twp has been received regarding the shared road work resolutions sent following the April meeting. Chair David will follow-up with LaPrairie if no response is received by August.


b. David will make contact with the bank regarding the addition of a third signature for all township checks.


c. Traffic counter follow-up:Ardell spoke with Suave and confirmed that LLL Twp. could obtain three traffic counters for a cost of $240.00.Greg moved to approve counters at Big Hill, Chimney, and north of the Ecton Lane mailboxes on McKenzie.Preferred dates for placement of the counters would be July 2-6 with Labor Day weekend as a second choice.An upper limit for project costs was identified at $500.00.David seconded the motion and it passed 3-0.Ardell will complete the arrangements.


d. Emergency tree/debris removal discussion:Board members informally agreed that in the event of an emergency tree/debris removal situation, Bellefy Brushing will be called first and the scope of the project will be described. Bellefy will give consideration if called.


e. The last date to register for summer short courses is June 10.


7. New Business

a. Regarding action items following the road tour: Wilson is to send the summary of the June 5th road tour to Sue Knutson, LaPrairie Clerk. Ardell will contact Bellefy regarding approximate costs for work on the wash-out at the pond and clearing both sides of the culvert.Scope of work will include getting rid of the obstructions on both sides of the culvert, repair of the wash-out, and recommendations for prevention of future wash-outs at that site.Dick Toomey suggested consideration of the Beaver Pond Leveler device if the problem recurs.



b. Updates from LLL Twp. to Lake Association:David provided a report at the June 6th Lake Association Meeting and introduced township board members.


c. Updates and reports from road and weed supervisors: An action plan for sites with knapweed emergence was discussed.A two-pass contract with fall and spring sprayingof areas with weed concentrations would be most effective. Dave will get a list of certified sprayers and inquire re: smaller jobs. August will be decision time for spraying. Ardell indicated that another blading might improve the areas on McKenzie with significant potholes.If potholes are still present after the next blading some spot graveling might be necessary.


8.There being no further business, Greg moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20.Ardell seconded the motion and it passed 3-0.


Next meeting:August 9, 2015, Ruth and Ardell Johnson residence, 7:00 PM.