Regular Town Board Meeting of


December 9th, 2008


Present:  Dave Johnson, Supervisor -- Ardell Johnson, Supervisor -- Dick Toomey, Treasurer – Marv Mortenson, Clerk.   Absent: Greg Scherzer, Supervisor.             


1.  Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:00 PM.


2.  Additions to the agenda were called for:

                Old Business: B. Standing water on McKenzie Rd by Rambo’s

                                         C. Response from Mr. Cox, Land Commissioner

                Motion to approve the agenda made by D. Johnson, second A. Johnson – passed 2-0.


3.  Dispense with the reading of the minutes; approval of the minutes of the last regular meeting as

written was made by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson passed 2 -0.


4. Treasurer report:               

                -- Cash Balance of                 $10,594.97

                -- Invested Balance of                 $42,678.90

                -- Total Balance of                 $53,273.87

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson– passed 2-0.


5. Claims for payment:

No claims for payment during the month of Nov.


6. Old Business:

A. Board meeting schedule for 2009. Motion to approve the meeting schedule, with the site for the annual meeting yet to be determined, by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson – passed 2-0.


B. Standing water on McKenzie Rd by Rambo’s.  A. Johnson felt we should investigate the feasibility of auguring a hole through the soil barrier that is holding the water. This would allow the water to percolate down from the surface.  This option will be reviewed in the spring.


C.  Response from Mr. Cox, Land Commissioner.  There has been no response from Mr. Cox concerning the letter from the board last month.


7.  New Business:

A.  Salt/Sanding of roads.  It is felt that salt should not be put on the roads as it causes the class 5 to thaw, resulting in pockets of  soft,  wet gravel that would then end up being ruts.  Therefore the board is going to look at other options: 1. Can the county spread sand only?; 2. Mr. Don Rooney will be contacted to see if he has sanding equipment. 3. And in the future a couple of “sand boxes” for motorist to spread sand by hand as needed.


B.  Review of 2010 proposed budget.  The dollar amounts used for the 2010 budget are acceptable.  However, the board would like to review the budget again with the 2009 dollar amounts changed from the proposed amount to the actual amount.  This would allow for a better comparison.


C. Census Bureau – “Boundary & Annexation Survey”.  The clerk will work on this information and review it with the board before it is returned. The dead line is March 1st.


D.  Annual Noxious Weed Report:  because of G. Scherzers' absence, this report will be completed at the next board meeting.


8.  Next Board Meeting:  January 13th, agenda Items:

                A.  Reorganize of the Board of Supervisors

                B.  End of Year (2008) financial report

                C.  Budget for 2010

                D.  Pre- Authorization to the treasure for payment of claims.

                E.   Review the board of audit procedures









Motion to adjourn was made my A. Johnson, second D. Johnson,  passed 2-0; time 8:53 p.m.



_____________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


_____________________________ Supervisor