Meeting Minutes of the Regular Town Board Meeting for Long Lost Lake Township

August 9, 2016

Ruth and Ardell Johnson Residence

1.      The meeting was called to order at 8:01 by Chair Johnson. All board members were present as well as citizen Rex Kemmer.

2.      There were no additions to the agenda, but item # 15 ‘Citizen Comments’ was moved up to coincide with item #6, ‘Road Supervisor’s Report’ to reflect related discussions. Motion to approve offered by D. Johnson, 2nd by G. Scherzer. Approved 3-0.

3.      Minutes of the June 14th, 2016 Town Board Meeting were approved as read with G. Scherzer offering the motion and D. Johnson the second. Approved 3-0.

4.      Treasurer Toomey reported that LLL Twp has $36,919.42 in cash on hand and $28,468.53 in investments for a total of $65,387.95. David moved to accept the treasurer’s Report and Greg offered the second. Motion passed 3-0.

5.      Treasurer Toomey offered the following claims for payment: Clearwater County DOT, $1,100. For summer work, Clerk Wilson reimbursement for required summer short course and mileage to Walker on June 29, $130.20, and Farmers Publishing for two printings of election notices totaling $53.78. Claims for payment totaled $1,273.98. David moved to accept the claims for payment, Ardell offered the second, motion passed 3-0.

6.      Ardell brought forward a claim for $600. from Bellefy Brushing for completed mowing. Greg moved and David seconded the request to pay this bill before the next billing cycle in September. Motion passed 3-0. Treasurer Toomey reminded all to turn in claims prior to meetings to facilitate prompt payment to vendors and efficient bookkeeping. A second mowing will be completed by Bellefy in September. Bellefy will be asked to remove the nine downed trees currently in the ditch if possible, and to check all 8.5 miles of township road for other needed brush removal.

Citizen Rex Kemmer attended to express concerns about the present condition of Big Hill Fireway. Mr. Kemmer stated that several significant wash spots have appeared following recent heavy rains. He reported a ‘huge rut’ where people drive up the hill on the downhill side and also reported that five approaches in a row are affected. Discussion ensued with a continuum of solutions considered. Supervisor Scherzer affirmed Mr. Kemmer’s observations of the current road condition. Chair David directed Ardell Johnson to contact Clearwater County Engineer Suave immediately to indicate the urgency of this situation and to get recommendations for short term and long term solutions. David moved and Greg seconded a motion to attempt prompt remediation of the situation including application of any additional gravel as needed.

7.      Scherzer has secured L&M spraying for Spring 2017. LLL Township is on their calendar. David moved and Greg offered the second to confirm this arrangement. Motion passed 3-0.

8.      Wilson reported that she had contacted the Clearwater County Environmental Services Office to request removal of the mattresses dumped on Anchor Hill Road (mattresses have been removed). No action has been taken by Becker County to clean up the illegal dump site near the beginning of Hwy 113. This site was reported in June of 2016.

9.      Vogt Dirt Service has filed the required paperwork with the township.

New Business:

10.  July 21 storm resulted in 12-15 downed trees on McKenzie. Marv Mortenson and Jon Jennings, LLL residents, voluntarily removed the trees from the roadway early that day. Thank you to both residents for their assistance. No other damage specific to that storm was reported.

11.  Chair David Johnson had reported to the Clearwater County Sheriff that LLL Twp did not incur costs related to the July 21 storm and would not need to participate in the County Disaster Relief application.

12.  Supervisors Johnson and Scherzer competed Affidavits of Candidacy for open township offices. Wilson notarized them as required. If no interested parties come forward to file for Clerk, Wilson will file at the Auditor’s Office to obtain the required notary signature from someone other than herself. Wilson will submit affidavits by the filing deadline.

13.  MAT materials were distributed to board members.

14.  District 12 meeting will be held August 23 at Win-E-Mac School in Erskine at 7:00 PM.

15.  See item #6 above.

16.  No other business came before the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31 with a motion by Ardell and a second from Greg and a 3-0 vote.


Next meeting: October 11, 7:00 PM, David and Nancy Johnson Residence.