Town Board Meeting of


October 8th, 2013


Present: Dave Johnson, Supervisor--Ardell Johnson, Supervisor--Dick Toomey, Treasurer—Marv Mortenson, Clerk Absent: Greg Scherzer, Supervisor         Citizen: Lowell Liebenow



  1. Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Dave Johnson at 7:00 pm.


  1. Additions for the agenda were called for:  D. Johnson added the following to the agenda.

Old Business

C. Mowing Update            E. Big Hill Rd washboard & winter sanding

D. Gravel on Hills             F. The unauthorized approaches on Seaberg Ln

New Business

B. Gravel Contract for 2014

  Motion to accept the agenda as amended made by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson,

passed 2-0


  1. Reading of the Minutes

Correction to the August 13th minutes as noted by Dave Johnson, Chair

Item 8. Other information, part B. The part that reads: “Minnesota State Law states that all township meetings to be held on Tuesdays” this should read as follows; “Resolution 2006-002, Administrative Board Policy states that all township meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month unless for conflict.

A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of the last regular meeting with the correction as written above, made by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson, passed 2-0.


  1. Treasurer’s Report (See details on attached reports)

            Cash Balance of      $28,437.32

            Investments of           28,288.64


            Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson, passed 2-0.


  1. Claims for Payment

            $       10.20  Farmers Publishing

     $     775.00  MAT

             $   1,125.00  County Hwy Dept

             $   1,910.20

Motion to approve claims for payment made by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson, passed 2-0


  1. Old Business

A.       Traffic Sign Replacement Update:

Clearwater County will replace and repair signs yet this fall.  Cost and signs to be replaced detailed in document filed under “road signs”

B.  Seaberg Ln Brushing is to be done in Oct. – A. Johnson will check with contractor.

C.Mowing Up Date: D. Johnson had the county hwy dept. put mowing of LLL’s township roads on a yearly schedule. The township was charged $600.00 for mowing in 2013 and $300.00 in 2012. A. Johnson will check on why the cost increase and also note that the quality of the mowing was poor.

D.       Spot Graveling the three hills.  LaParaire Township has refused to share this cost.

E.  Big Hill Rd washboard problem and solutions was discussed.  Citizen Lowell Liebenow was in attendance to address his concerns of the rough road.  It has been noted that one citizen appears to be deliberately trying to make ruts in the road by spinning his tires and sliding around the corners of the new approach to North Shore Trail. Rex Kemmer called D. Johnson with concerns of 6 inch deep washboard ruts on the “Big Hill”. D. Johnson went to the site, took pictures and measured ruts. The deepest rut was approximately 2 inches. He reported his findings to Mr. Kemmer.

The board will investigate: 1.) The cost of blading the portion of Big Hill Rd from the bottom of “Big Hill” to hwy 39 twice a month.   2.) The cost of doing a “deep” grading or reshaping of Big Hill Rd from the bottom of “Big Hill” to hwy 39. This may or may not include gravel recovery from the road shoulders.

Winter Sanding of “Big Hill”.  A. Johnson found an individual who would be willing to take on the job.  But this person does not have liability insurance.  The town board must have a certificate of insurance before any work can be authorized.

F. Unauthorized Approaches on Seaberg Ln.              After the land owner was contacted about the approaches, D. Johnson received a letter (letter attached) stating  the owner was not aware of the need to contact the township and offered to correct any problems that may been caused by this work.  Motion by D. Johnson to give “after the fact” approval for the two approaches, second by A. Johnson, passed 2-0.  D. Johnson will write a letter of approval to the owner


  1. New Business

A.      CTAS Program. The accounting program used by the treasurer is being updated by the State of Minnesota. If the township wants to continue with the program, receive the updates, as well as tech support, the town needs to pay $300.00 for the program.  After discussion it was determined that paying the $300.00 is most likely more cost effective than other alternatives. Motion to approve the purchase of the new program by D. Johnson, second by A. Johnson passed 2-0

B.      Gravel Contract for 2014     A. Johnson will contact Lenny Thelen of Thelen Excavating for the purpose of finding someone to spread sand on “Big Hill” during the snow months and to determine if they would be interested in bidding on the 2014 township road graveling.



  1. Next Board Meeting: December 10, 2013

A.      Follow up on road projects

B.Approval of 2014 meeting schedule for the board

C.Letter of resignation from township clerk

D.      Preliminary work on 2015 township budget.


  1. Adjournment

               D. Johnson made a motion to adjourn, A. Johnson seconded, passed 2-0 at 9:31 pm.