Minutes of the Long Lost Lake Annual Meeting

March 8, 2016

David and Nancy Johnson Residence


1. Clerk Laurie Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

2. Dan Wilson moved to nominate Marv Mortenson to serve as Moderator for the meeting. Scherzer moved that nominations cease. A. Johnson offered the second. All voted ‘aye’.

3. Discussion of the proposed ATV Trails was added to item #11.

4. Minutes of the 3/10/15 Annual Meeting were reviewed. Scherzer moved to accept the minutes, d. Johnson offered the second. All voted ‘aye’.

5. Treasurer Toomey offered a detailed financial report. As of December 31, 2015, LLL Township had assets of $55,459. Details of the receipts and disbursements were included with the meeting packet and reviewed thoroughly.

6. A. Johnson and D. Johnson offered the road report and indicated that some level of graveling was likely during the summer of 2016 for several reasons. The county is planning to gravel the southern portion of the county roads and the township can obtain needed gravel at a reduced rate by participating in the county bid. Also, the roads have washboard areas and potholes appearing which need attention sooner rather than later. The agreement with LaPrairie was for a full graveling in 2018. The application of gravel being considered at this time will likely be in the 8-10K range and will be paid by LLL Twp. The Moderator inquired about plowing this past winter and whether the county plows w/o request. He was informed by A. Johnson that LLL Twp did have to call and request plowing once when snow at LLL was significant and only a trace fell in Bagley. The Moderator suggested that it might have been beneficial to have the road bladed once more before freeze-up as well as to request more frequent plowing to reduce washboarding. Scherzer continues to take care of winter sanding as needed. Re: 2016 spraying, Scherzer and Chair Johnson affirmed that spraying for noxious weeds as well as to control brush will occur in 2016. The township has the authority and responsibility to spray roadsides from the edge of the road as far as it is maintained which could vary from 10-30 feet or beyond in infested areas

7.Two supervisor positions and the clerk position will be open for election in the fall of 2016. These positions are currently held by Scherzer, A. Johnson and Wilson. All open positions will be for four years. LLL will continue to participate with mail-in balloting which saves costs and enhances convenience. Chair Johnson provided election judge applications at the meeting for distribution to any interested parties. Chair Johnson recommended that election judges serve in a volunteer capacity and submit for mileage reimbursement. Two citizens recommended that judges receive a stipend. Discussion followed as to why judges should serve as volunteers when the township has adequate funds to pay judges. With mail-in balloting, about two hours of actual work is required from a judge as well as about five hours of training and travel time. Chair Johnson encouraged early completion of applications. No action was taken at this time.

8 & 9. Due to the thoroughness of the earlier budget review, brief comments regarding the recommendation for the 2017 levy were offered by Treasurer Toomey. The recommendation was to keep the 2017 levy at $4000. to maximize the township’s eligibility for gas tax monies. The levy can only be used for road and bridge funds and cannot be transferred out. Wilson moved that $4000. Be set as the 2017 levy. Babe offered the second and all voted ‘aye’.

10. The 2017 LLL Annual Meeting will be held on March 14th as required by state statute. Nancy moved to set the meeting time at 7:00 PM with the location TBD by the town board. Kathy offered the second with all voting ‘aye.

11. It was noted that there is again interest in development of ATV trails and connector trails in southern Clearwater County. LLL Ass’n. President Wilson reported that he had a conversation with Commissioner Newland regarding this matter. Newland stated it would involve six southern townships and excluded Itasca. Scherzer reported that township citizens should plan to attend a county board meeting in the near future to express concerns and recommended clarifying the time and date of that meeting. The Bemidji ATV group interested in expanding trails in Clearwater County had made a recent presentation to the county board. LLL citizens expressed concerns that this topic was being reopened since it has previously been addressed. Several citizens noted areas where damage has been done by ATV use including some NCT areas. Another citizen recommended that we take time to listen and gather info since people’s interests in wilderness use are changing. Wilson will pass along info from Newland as it becomes available via the LLL Ass’n. distribution list. The township does not have time to call and post for a special meeting before the 22nd of March, so nothing official from the township will be done at this time. On another matter, Wilson indicated that the county will have funds for AIS prevention again this year at four sites. Options are being explored including automated monitoring. Wilson requested more, not less monitoring for LLL. Wilson and Hovde have attended Clearwater County Historical Society Meetings with the intention of investigating opportunities to someone develop a marker at the Leverson Mill Site. Tamara Edevold will be the contact person for this effort. Toomey and Wilson have attended NCT meetings regarding the proposed re-routing of the NCT to avoid ATV trails. Toomey is the lake association contact person for this matter.

12. The Moderator thanked the board for their work. Kathy Toomey offered the motion for adjournment. A. Johnson seconded. All voted ‘aye’. Meeting adjourned at 8:16. Refreshments were provided by the Johnsons.