March 8, 2011



Citizens present:  Babe Mortenson, Marv Mortenson, Ardell Johnson, Greg Scherzer, David Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Kathy Toomey, Richard Toomey


1. Meeting called to order by M. Mortenson, clerk (7:00 PM)  Each citizen was provided with a packet containing the meeting agenda, 2010 minutes, 2010 year-end financial report and proposed budget for 2012.


2. Nomination for moderator was called for, Kathy Toomey nominated Marv Mortenson, and Babe Mortenson moved that nominations be closed, with a second by Nancy Johnson.  Motion carried.


3. With no additions to the agenda, Dick Toomey made a motion to approve the agenda, second by Greg Scherzer.

Motion carried.


4. Citizens were given a few minutes to read and review the minutes. Motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes of last year’s meeting as written, was made by Kathy Toomey, second by Dick Toomey.  Motion carried.


5. Financial report.  Marv Mortenson, Clerk, gave a summary of the financial year as written in the packet of information.  A motion to approve the report was made by Dave Johnson, second by Greg Scherzer. Motion carried.


6.   Ardell Johnson reviewed road work and maintenance completed in 2010.  He also mentioned work that was to be done in 2011.


                        1.   Ditch work on Big Hill by Glander Lake Trail

                        2.   Removal of exposed rocks in roadbed on town roads

                        3.   Blocked off logging road by McKenzie / Chimney corner

                        4.   Winter sanding of the big hill on Big Hill Rd



1.      Complete graveling of all town roads.

                                Ardell Johnson explained that the town board had sent a letter to contractors requesting a quote as to the cost of doing this project.  Once the board has a firm grasp of the costs of this project the board will make a decision on the feasibility of this project.

2.      Ditch work on Seaberg Rd where the road crosses a bay of the lake.


Greg Scherzer explained the concerns with noxious weed control. He told the citizens he wants all complaints about weeds to be in writing. The report need to identify the area, the weeds of concern and the land owner.


7.  Winter Road Maintenance.  Dave Johnson explained the general philosophy of the town board concerning snow removal of the town roads.  Costs of plowing and when to have the roads plowed were all discussed.


8.  Elections. Marv Mortenson reviewed the township cost of conducting the state primary and the state general election.  Those costs were approximately $34.00 per voter. (See attached sheet for details)  Nancy Johnson made the motion to have the township board contact and work with the county auditor on alternatives to the present method of voting that would lower the election cost for the township.  This would include, but not be limited to 1. Mail ballots. 2. Becoming a combined precinct with another township rather than a shared place of voting as we now are.



9.  Dick Toomey reviewed the budget for 2012 as written in the packet.  There were concerns from the citizens.


10.   Dick Toomey reviewed how the Tax Levy and Township Road Gas Tax are determined. The taxable valuation for LLL Township in 2010 is $14,088,900.00 and for 2011 it is $13,882,000.00.  After questions were answered and some discussion, Babe Mortenson made a motion to set the levy for 2012 at $7,000.00, second by Nancy Johnson. Motion carried.


11.  Next year’s Annual Meeting.  A motion to have the township board determine the appropriate place and time for holding the 2012 Annual Township Meeting. Second by Nancy Johnson.  Motion carried.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012.  

                Place and time to be determined by the LLL Town Board


12. General Discussion.

How to get more people involved and come to the Annual Meeting was brought up. One citizen said they had extended an invitation to attend the meeting to two different people and was told they were not interested.  Another said that the town board is doing an excellent job and people have no concerns. Some thought there could be a lack of awareness by some citizens and ways to keep people informed was discussed.  The Long Lost Lake Area Lake Association publishes a Newsletter and the town board meeting schedule will be published in this newsletter.  The fact that there is a Long Lost Lake Township web site should also be published. Town clerk, Mortenson, said he would also send out an e-mail to residents next year prior to the annual meeting.


13.  Nancy Johnson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm. This was seconded by Babe Mortenson. Motion carried


Thanks were given to Dave and Nancy Johnson for hosting the meeting and providing the treats/coffee.


___________________________________ Marv Mortenson, Clerk


___________________________________ Dave Johnson, Chairman