Board Policy for Roads

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Adopted: 02/14/2006 


General Road Policy


This policy is designed to give general guidance to persons who want to request that the Town accept platted roads for maintenance.  Nothing in this policy gives any person any right or interest in the acceptance of a road for maintenance by the Township and the Township Board has the sole discretion to accept or refuse to accept any road for maintenance for any or no reason.  Prior to accepting any platted road for maintenance, the Township may require the developer, affected property owners, or other persons requesting acceptance to enter into a recordable agreement based in part on the criteria set forth in this policy.



1.   The Township Board of Supervisors will have the final decision in determining which Township roads to make improvements on.


2.   Before any roads are taken over and maintained by the Township, the roads must meet Township specifications.


3.  Damage to Township roads caused by construction must be repaired to the satisfaction of the Township at the expense of person responsible for such damage.


4.   Request and petitions for significant road improvements must be submitted to the Township Board of Supervisors for consideration by January 1st for improvements to be considered for the following year.


5.   All new driveway approaches entering a township road must be reviewed by the township board. If needed, the landowner will provide a new and minimum of 16-gauge, 18-inch diameter culvert, long enough to allow for a 24-foot wide driveway surface. The landowner will furnish new culvert aprons and connectors for the culvert. (See attached MNDOT Standard Plate #9000d, modified to 1:3 inslope)


6.   Signage or other privately owned material is prohibited from all township road right-of-ways without the approval of the township board. Mailboxes may be installed by the landowner and must comply with postal specifications. Swing away mailbox stands are recommended.


7.  Any or all of this policy may be waived, altered, or amended at anytime if in the Town Board's sole discretion, such action is in the Town's best interest.


LLL Township

Board Policy for Roads

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Plat Development Policy


1.   The roads within the plat shall be dedicated by the developers to the public and shall remain “public roads” for the use of the occupants of said plat until established as Township Roads pursuant to the procedures then required by Minnesota Statutes.


2.   The developers shall establish and construct all roads within the plat in accordance with the requirements and specifications set forth (Technical Specifications & County Shore land Ordinances) and construction will be at the expense of the developers who shall be required to furnish all engineering services, labor, materials, equipment, and all other things or services necessary to establish and construct roads within the plat.


3.   The developers shall pay the following expenses incidental to the establishment of roads within the plat and shall defend indemnify, and hold harmless the township from all claims arising there from:


a.  fees, costs and expenses of acquiring a fee interest or such other interest in property as is necessary to permit the township to accept the road as a town road;

b.  damages which the township may be required to pay in condemnation proceedings or otherwise in acquiring the right of way for the town road; and

c. fees, costs, and expenses, incurred by the township arising out of the establishment, acceptance and recording of a road. The developers shall be required to deposit an amount set by the Township board before the Township will consider a request to accept a road for maintenance, such deposit to be used to ensure the Town's reimbursement of related costs and expenses.


4.  The developers will be required to agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the township from and against all claims, damages losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising out of establishment and construction of roads.


5.  The Township Supervisors may inspect the establishment and construction of the roads and may perform all necessary tests relating to the establishment and construction with the specifications and requirements set forth.


6.  The developers shall correct all construction, which does not comply with specifications and requirements within a reasonable time after receipt of notice from the township informing the developer of noncompliance and the necessary corrections needed. 


7.  The developers shall be required to warrant that all roads shall be warranted for at least two years from the date roads are accepted by the Township. A bond equal to at least one half the road cost and valid for two years of completion date is also to be provided.


8.  Prior to the Town Board accepting a road, forty percent of the lots must be developed (occupied) on the road.

LLL Township

Board Policy for Roads

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Technical Specifications


The following are the minimum road requirements that must be met in order for the township to be petitioned and take over maintenance of a private road.


1.   All roads must have a 66-foot right-of-way and must be platted at 66 feet. All 66 feet of the road must be cleared.


2.  The developers shall establish and construct the roads so as to have 26 feet of driving surface.


3.   A road taken over for maintenance by the township must have adequate sub-grade with a minimum of 4” compacted Class 5 gravel over the sub-grade.


4.  Appropriate ditches must be present on both sides of the road, which provide for appropriate drainage.  No in-slope can have a ratio greater than 3:1 and no back-slope greater than 2:1.  The road surface shall be 12 feet from the center to the 1 foot shoulder with a minimum of a 7 foot clear zone from the shoulder of the road.  The remainder of the right-of-way must be cleared.


Cross Section:




 7 feet


    13 feet






5.  The road surface must have the following crowns: Gravel surface = ˝ inch of drop per foot of road width. ( 4 %)


6.  Dead end roads are prohibited but cul-de-sacs shall be permitted.  There must be a way for emergency vehicles, snowplows and blading equipment to turn around. Cul-de-sacs shall have a terminal turn around which shall be provided at the closed end, with a turn around of a minimum outside right-of-way diameter of 120 feet and a radius of 60 feet.


7.  The developer shall install all road culverts necessary for adequate drainage.  The culverts are to be new and a minimum 16-gauge, 18-inches diameter and long enough to allow for the proper road width. Culvert aprons and bands must be installed. All culverts must be 2 feet below the surface of the road and must be new.  If necessary, private driveway culverts must be installed. A new 16-gauge, 18-inch diameter culvert, long enough to allow for a 24-foot wide drive way surface, with new culvert aprons and connectors for the culvert. (See attached MNDOT Standard Plate #9000d, modified to 1:3 slope)

LLL Township

Board Policy for Roads

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8.  The developer shall remove all extra fill, stumps, refuse, and other materials relating to or resulting from the establishment and construction of the roads. This debris must be disposed of in a manner acceptable to the township board. No debris will be buried inside the road right-of way.


9.  The developers shall finish all roadsides, ditches, and slopes with topsoil and seeded with an approved mixture of seed (Highway #5 or better), so as to prevent erosion.


10.  No rocks over 6 inches in diameter shall be used as fill in the top one foot of the road bed and no rocks over 12 inches in diameter shall be used as fill at any depth.


11. Developer shall be responsible for the providing and installing any/all road signs required in order to provide for public safety. i.e. stop, caution, yield, street signs, etc.   Signing shall be done in accordance with the MNMUTCD (Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) and township signing policy.


12. The developer must acquire all easements for roads and a copy shall be provided by the developer to the Long Lost Lake Township.


13. If roads are to be of a hard surface, such as black top or concrete, the specification is different and has to be designed by an engineer.


14. If a developer or landowner puts a hard surface on their private driveway, such as black top or concrete, this surface must stop at the town road right-of-way.






LLL Township

Board Policy for Roads

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This Board Policy for Roads is hereby adopted by the Long Lost Lake Township on 02/14/2006.


Supervisors voting as follows:

                                                                                          YES             NO




1.  Greg Scherzer                                                 






                                                                                          YES             NO

2.  Jon Jennings               



                                                                                          YES             NO




3.  David G. Johnson               




Attest by Board Chairman                                                         DATE



David G. Johnson                                                                      02/14/2006




Attest by Township Clerk                                                         DATE


Mort Mortenson                                                                       02/14/2006